From Walter Neufeld. Vince, thanks again for capably wading through another flood of bullshit while identifying its man-made source.

And now this same mayor, along with a small posy of his colluders, plan to re-establish an “Abbotsford Economic Development Corporation”.

To do what, capitalize on their past failures by increasing the volume?

Isn’t that a bit like putting Exxon Valdez captain Hazelwood in charge of navigating another (much bigger) oil tanker?

This knuckle-headed plan should shock Abbotsford’s taxpayers into open revolt.

Until this group of incompetents is voted out of office, it should be forced to make less decisions, not more.

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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    Let me quess, this idea came from the same developers on CIDAC, edc, AAA…developers, who have been sitting on CIDAC, EDC, AAA
    for eons…same thinking and ideas for years and obviously not working to stimulate development climate in Abbotsford.

    The same developers,who voted in Plan A and stifling development due to high property taxes and ultility fees…the same developers, who are using city committees, in the interest of their own developments
    in the city at expense of encouraging a free enterprise climate…
    encouraging new developers into the area.

    Whatever the city appointed members are doing in interests of development is NOT working!

    It’s time to go beyond the select few on the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and branch out to find new people, new ideas!

    Abbotsford is not just about the Abbotsford Chamber…it’s time the city ventured beyond them to get new expertise to help the city reach it’s growth potential.

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