Motorcycle Crash Highway 1 & Mt. Lehman Off Ramp

By March 23, 2014Abbotsford News

Submitted. Shortly after 6:30am this morning, an Abbotsford Police Officer conducting routine traffic enforcement along McCallum Road north of Highway One, made note of a motorcycle travelling above the speed limit.

The officer who was also on a motorcycle, proceeded to follow the offending motorcycle onto Highway One westbound from McCallum Road. The officer noted that the motorcycle was also missing a license plate and proceeded to attempt a Motor Vehicle Act stop.

Upon activating his emergency equipment (Lights & Siren), the officer noted the driver of the motorcycle to turn around and look at the officer before proceeding away at a high rate of speed. The officer did not pursue and proceeded to shut off his emergency equipment terminating his involvement with the motorcycle.

Minutes later, the officer came across a collision involving a small car and a motorcycle on the off ramp of Highway One & Mt. Lehman Road. The motorcycle involved in the collision was in fact the same motorcycle that had fled from police minutes earlier.

The driver of the motorcycle was transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the civilian car was uninjured. Through investigation it has been determined that the motorcycle involved in the collision was reported stolen to police.

Charges of Dangerous Driving & Possession Of Stolen Property are being recommended against a 31 year old man from Abbotsford.

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