This fall’s municipal election promises to be one of the most important in recent decades if only because of the number of candidates expected to throw their names in the hat.

The number of incumbents with long careers in politics who may decide to defend their records may also make this one of the most contentious elections in recent decades.

The number of issues facing the City is large and the demand for change is loud. To inform yourself on the mechanisms of the Elections Act; your rights as a voter, and/or to register and a candidate, the City of Abbotsford has set aside a page on its website on the municipal election.

From the City of Abbotsford website:

2014 Local Government Elections

The next Local Government Election will take place on Saturday, November 15, 2014.  The citizens of Abbotsford will elect one Mayor, eight Councillors and seven School Trustees (for School District #34).Further to the February 25, 2014 announcement by the Minister of Community, Sport and Culture Development, the City of Abbotsford will hold elections every four (4) years, in accordance with theLocal Government Act.  In order to vote in the Municipal election, please visit Elections BC.

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