Museologist George Jacob to speak on museums’ role in society

By Anne Russell. What is the role of museums and culture in our increasingly virtual and changing inter-connected world of accelerated communication and global mobility?

“Museums are the souls of civil societies and they serve as repositories of our collective memory,” says Canadian museologist George Jacob, “They are an important catalyst for education, tourism, cultural infrastructure, and the quality of life in communities. But museums are more than memory keepers. Museums are engines that drive cultural diplomacy — an art, whose soft power has tested true through the course of history in bridging relationships, forging allies, and facilitating exchange of ideas.”

Jacob will share his insight about museums and their special role in society on Mon, January 16, at 4:30 pm in room B101 (lecture theatre) on UFV’s Abbotsford campus. His presentation is co-sponsored by the UFV College of Arts and The Reach Gallery. Admission is free and the public is welcome.

Creation and sustainability of museums is a multi-billion dollar industry globally. Canadian museologist George Jacob has dedicated his life to the creation and planning of museums and science centres around the globe. His insights into the need for cultural resource management training, leadership, and creation of destinations of higher societal purpose will form the essence of this talk, which is titled Creating Cultural Capital: The Museum Industry from a Global Perspective.

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