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Time is running out for people across the Fraser Health region to have their voices heard, as the deadline approaches for the My Health My Community survey to capture residents’ health statistics.

The online survey closes June 30, 2014, and aims to collect health and well-being information from between two to four per cent of the population who are aged 18 and up.

When it comes to planning a community’s health and social services, a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not always work. Within cities, neighbourhoods are unique, varying by factors like commuting options, opportunities for physical activity, ease of accessing grocery stores, and the residents’ social connectedness, just to name a few. Fraser Health needs more people to complete the My Health My Community survey in order to understand these neighbourhood differences and work with local governments and organizations to respond accordingly.

“This is your chance to have a voice in shaping the future of the community where you live, work and play”, said Dr. Victoria Lee, Executive Medical Director, Population and Public Health for Fraser Health. “Every survey completed provides us with more insight and a better understanding of the communities we serve. We urge everyone in the Fraser Health region to get involved and make a difference.”

The information collected through the survey can be used to shape future community programs and services. Information about things such as busy roads, neighbourhood safety or nearby green spaces can help planners plot traffic patterns, parks or community facilities, and data on smoking and obesity patterns can aid health authorities in targeting disease prevention programs.

The survey can be completed at The survey is available online in English and Chinese.

VCH and FH launched the survey in June 2013 with the eHealth Strategy Office at the University of British Columbia. For the latest survey progress by city or town, see

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