N36 Zone Approved

By November 4, 2014Abbotsford News

City Council Unanimously Approves Rezoning Application and New Zoning for Future Supportive Housing Projects
Submitted. Abbotsford City Council unanimously approved the creation of a new development zone alongside a rezoning application last night that will provide the groundwork for future supportive housing projects to be built in Abbotsford, announced Mayor Bruce Banman today.

Following the failed application for a supportive housing project to be located in downtown Abbotsford earlier this year, City Council directed the City to review potential parcels of land (including the old MSA Hospital site) that could be used for supportive housing projects in the future. In fulfilling this direction, the City made an application to Council in September for a section of land on Gladys Avenue to be re-zoned for future supportive housing use. Alongside the application, the City also sought Council approval for the creation of a new N36 zoning designation under the Comprehensive Development Zone in Abbotsford’s Zoning Bylaw.

“The creation of this new N36 zone along with the rezoning approval for Gladys Avenue last night will provide greater certainty for funding partners and service delivery partners alike to commit to providing additional supportive housing in our community,” said Banman. “We believe this to be a proactive move in the direction of Housing First solutions for Abbotsford which supports the intent of getting people directly into housing.”

By taking this action, City Council has provided the City with a solid foundation for applying for funding from other levels of government for supportive housing projects; including the potential of repurposing the funding from the BC government that was originally intended for the housing project that didn’t proceed earlier this year.

“This rezoning of this parcel of land on Gladys and the creation of a new zoning designation for supportive housing use is in alignment with the overall recommendations and direction of the Homelessness Task Force,” said Banman. “I would like to reinforce that Council heard the concerns voiced by those in attendance at the Public Hearing last night and that we are taking those concerns very seriously. We expect that any proposed project for this site will address the intent behind the issues raised last night and the City will be continuing to work closely with the Abbotsford Police as partners in addressing community safety concerns.”

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