From Tuscan Farm Gardens. We believe nature has given us amazing medicinal flowers and herbs to nourish and heal our bodies. Our product lines in the purest form, grown on our farm whenever possible, are made in small batches with care, joy and love. Our hope is that every time our products are used, you will feel pampered and nutured.

Whatever the aromatic induces, we hope it brings you to a place of happiness within. We hope you begin to love using these products as much as we love creating them.

Dr. David Owers, MD of family medicine for over 18 years has always had an interest in helping people better their health and live a happy full life.

With professional and personal interests in complementary medicines he went into medical Cosmetic practice and truly enjoys seeing people feel better about themselves as they began to look better by addressing everything from sun damage, to acne to aging.

Tuscan GardensHis belief that outward beauty can only truly shine when one works on the inside has lead him to research and suggest this to his patients, friends and family.

Living a clean life style, growing your own food when possible, using aromatherapy, working with nature and treating the body with natural remedies to restore balance has always been a strong belief.   
Patricia Schneider has a long history in alternative wellness and in the spa industry. She started her career as a massage therapist over 20 years ago and has worked with aromatherapy, herbs, and skin care product lines as she developed them for four and five star properties.

She has continued her studies and research in everything from aesthetics, energy work, meditation, yoga, herbs, plant life and sustainable living. As Patricia developed and ran some of the top spas in the world she saw her vision of one day having her own retreat for people where they could come and completely relax, enjoy the land, get a few spa treatments and feel completely at peace.  
For years it has been very much a personal and professional passion of both Patricia and David to have a space in nature where they could grow and learn more about beautiful plants and herbs.To be able to package them up and share this with others is a dream come true.


Dr. David Owers and Patricia Schneider    
6834 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford, BC
Telephone: 604.857.1998

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