Nesting Goose Injured By Youths In Abbotsford Parkade

By May 3, 2013Crime

On April 27, 2013 a disturbing incident took place in a parkade in the 32900 block of South Fraser Way. The upper levels of the parkade have been a nesting environment for a small number of geese in recent years.

On this date, mall security located an injured goose sitting on its eggs. The goose was covered in blood and security officers contacted animal rescue and others to assist. A review of the surveillance video from the parkade captured images of a group of youths striking the goose.

The Abbotsford Police were notified of the incident a few days later and Patrol Division officers have been conducting regular checks of the area. We are actively working to identify the persons responsible for injuring the animal.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact the Abbotsford Police Department at 604-859-5225 or SMS text abbypd (222973).

Please also respect the geese by staying clear of their nests.

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  • Meghann Coughlan says:

    Future serial killers. Lovely.

    Little buggers hurting animals. I hope their parents put them in therapy. Waste of oxygen they all are.

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