New Housing For Young Adults Opens … But Not Here

Release. The doors to HYAD Place, a new housing development for young adults with developmental disabilities in North Vancouver officially opened today.

Located at 2130 Chesterfield Ave., the four-storey building provides 
14 residential apartments for young adults with developmental 
disabilities and two apartments for the onsite property manager and 
outreach worker. The outreach worker provides continuing life skills 
training to help residents live more independently. Residents also 
share a common lounge and communal kitchen.

Funding for HYAD Place was provided by:

* The B.C. government provided approximately $5.1 million. 
* The North Vancouver School District No. 44 provided the land valued 
at over $1.1 million. 
* The HYAD Society provided $166,000 in equity.

Quick Facts:

* Since 2001, the B.C. government has invested $3.6 billion to provide 
affordable housing for low-income individuals, seniors and families. 
This year, more than 98,000 B.C. households will benefit from 
provincial social housing programs and services. 
* In 2012-13, the B.C. government invested over $10.7 million to 
provide subsidized housing and rent supplements for 2,763 North 
Vancouver households.
* Housing for Young Adults With Disabilities (HYAD) Society is a non-
profit organization established by a proactive group of parents to 
develop and manage a housing project that will provide affordable, 
safe, age in place co-operative housing for 14 young adults who have 
intellectual disabilities and receive Person with Disabilities 

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