New Road Re-Routes Most Gravel Truck Traffic Off Keeping Road

By February 18, 2013Abbotsford News

Submitted. Local gravel operators at Summit Sand and Gravel, Mainland Sand and Gravel, and LaFarge Sand and Gravel have collaborated to develop a new road that allows gravel truck traffic to stay off of local Abbotsford roads.

At a neighbourhood meeting in the fall, residents expressed concern about the safety of heavily loaded gravel trucks navigating the steep incline on Keeping Road. Local gravel operators met and came up with a solution. They pooled their resources and built a new road within the three quarry sites.
The new road which opened in January re-routed 75 percent of the gravel truck traffic off Keeping Road and was constructed at no cost to the City.

“This is an excellent example of neighbours working together to solve a problem. This would have been an expensive project if the City had to become involved, but by working together, local business came up with their own solution and everybody is happy and safe,” says Mayor Bruce Banman.

“As a Sumas Mountain resident I’m pleased to see the success of this local project as offered up by local resident and land owner Gary Emmerson,” adds Councillor Bill MacGregor, “and I can only hope that it will ultimately lead the way to many more good- will agreements.”

Key organizers of the project were: Gary Emmerson from Summit Sand and Gravel, Ted Carlson from Mainland Sand and Gravel, and Brad Kole and Bob Esau from Lafarge Sand and Gravel.

Photo: Keeping Road Project.From L-R:Bob Esau,Mayor Bruce Banman,Ted Carlson,Councillor Bill MacGregor,Gary Emerson and Brad Kole

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