New Section – 2014 Municipal Election

With the number of candidates who have already declared their intention to run in the 2014 municipal election in Abbotsford, and the large number still expected, we have opened up a new section on our homepage devoted entirely to the election.

Currently (a/o 9/11/14) you will find announcements by candidates; interviews with candidates; columns on candidates and some general information about municipal elections and the role of councillors.

Today Media is in the process of developing our 2014 candidate questionnaire which will be published in this section and made available to all candidates for council, school board and the mayoralty. We have some features planned on the issues, as we see them, in this campaign and we urge our readers to weigh-in and contribute as effusively and vociferously or as quietly and respectfully as you choose.

We would also like to ask for your suggestions about issues to cover; questions you would like us to ask; information you require, or any help you need finding out what you need in order to make an informed decision on voting day.

We believe this is one of the most important elections in Abbotsford’s short history. The people we choose to represent us will be responsible for shaping our community for decades to come. This website, and this section specifically, were designed to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the communal decision-making which municipal politics is supposed to offer in a properly functioning democracy.

We have our views and we will publish them. You have yours and we will publish them too.

Even if you disagree with us … on anything … we want to hear from you. If you have something to contribute to the debate, this is the time to make your mark and ensure that what you have to say is heard. What started as a small experiment in local politics back in 2008 has grown into a significant and important source for news and information for over 30,000 unique visitors every month.

Thanks to your support we have broken national and international stories and are regularly relied on by provincial and national media outlets to find out what is really happening in our community.

Join us in this adventure. Have your say. It is, more than ever, your time to be heard.

Vince Dimanno and Mike Archer
Today Media Group

Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • I have a concern which I would like addressed by the candidates, particularly for Council. I’m not sure how to frame this as a question, so I’ll let you journalists do what you do so well. Here’s my concern…

    Given the polarizing issues Abbotsford has faced lately, it seems to me that a number of candidates are running because of 1 or 2 high profile issues. Most of these candidates may not be well known in the city and many have little or no “political” experience, and will draw the votes of their personal circles and those who are passionate about their pet issue(s). This can fragment votes by a majority who want change, allowing the same old incumbents to be re-elected by a minority of votes. I fear too many candidates may lead to fragmented polls and little or no change around the council table.

  • GeorgeFEvens says:

    Personally speaking it is my sense the “splitting” may occur between two or three Mayoralty Candidates. For example, at Mission, Incumbent and former Mayor/MLA are both from same ilk and presumably political persuasion, Thus, if they run they are essentially drawing from same crowd, hence a diminished number sharing to each. The “splitting” will occur when the third, a relatively high profile Candidaate runs, who may conceivably draw from most others, that when added together, will equal a winning number of votes. At Abbotsford, when all Candidates for Mayor are declared, it may be similar and/or if Braun and Banman square off, the edge would go to Braun who is perceived the favourite, with the uncertain “split” beign a strong third contender. It follows, if Braun sided with the Abbotsford Firsts party, he could conceivably sway sufficient votes, much like happened at Mission last time and the long-term incumbents were defeated enmasse, which, frankly, is likely the only salvation Abbotsford may have to actually defeat many long-term incumbents. Therefore, the term “fragment” comes into play, with no apparent (leader) for Abbotsford First, Candidates likely fall into the same camp as most, new/repeat Candidates, as Mr. Hiebert fears and sadly, “it wil be anyones guess who get enough votes to win”, albeit incumbents typically enjoy a following that needs to be (cracked) and one avenue is to dramatically increase the vote (at Mission we increaed from 25-30%) and enough voters to safely elect a new (slate). Hence, the main factor woudl be to focus upon more candidates and strong Mayor for Abbotsford First to garner most council changes, otherwise it is conceivable little change will occur. Hope my points are clearly understood, it is sort of complicated to try and explain on paper, unless alll readers are clearly tuned in to political scene. Unfortunatley, as Mr. Hiebert alludes, most Candidates do not stand a chance but run anywyas and this is their right, as such in a Democracy, but for the most part most are really not in the game per se.

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