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For your convenience we have assembled a linked list of all of the Parent Advisory Committees (PACS) in Abbotsford by school. Simply click on the name of the school and you will be linked to the PAC from that school.

Get involved. Be a part of your school’s Parent Advisory Committee abd stay informed about your child’s school activities

Elementary Schools

Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts (ASIA) – North Poplar Campus

Aberdeen Elementary
The PAC through its executive and associated committees sponsors a variety of parent education, fundraising, social and school development events. In addition, parents provide support through their involvement in fundraising, the classroom, the library, field trips, as well as other school events and program.
All parents are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings

Alexander Elementary

Auguston Traditional Elementary

Barrowtown ElementaryOur PAC meets once a month of the first THURSDAY MORNING of the month at 9:20 a.m. for coffee/conversation and to make our school a better place for our students.

Blue Jay Elementary
Every parent or guardian who has a child at Blue Jay Elementary is by rights on the PAC (Parent Advisory Council). The PAC is a group of parent volunteers, who take an active role in the activities at the school. The PAC is headed by an Executive Committee, who guides monthly meetings and liaison between the Principal, Teachers and Parents. This committee welcomes your ideas and will address your concerns at the monthly PAC meetings.

Bradner Elementary

Centennial Park Elementary (French Immersion school)
This organization provides the opportunity for parents to learn about Centennial Park School, our school district, and education in general. It provides a means for parents to have a voice in certain matters (e.g. school goals) to promote school wide initiatives (e.g. special lunches, Fun Fairs), and to assist with fundraising for school field trips, technology, library books, etc. PAC general meetings are advertised in the PAC newsletter and in the calendar and PAC website pages. All parents are welcome to come and participate or observe.

Clearbrook Elementary (French Immersion school)
“Bringing Parents together to support, encourage, and improve the quality of education and well-being of children in our school.”

Dave Kandal ElementaryThe Parent Advisory Council meets once a month on Monday evenings. Parents, please continue to come to these meetings!

Dasmesh SchoolThe role of the DPS PSG is to assist the school and the Administration in meeting the needs of the students of Dasmesh Punjabi School and to contribute to a sense of school community.

Dormick Park Elementary
Dormick Park Elementary has a very active Parent Advisory Council. The P.A.C is an important communication between the school’s teaching and administrative staff, students and parents. Our Dormick Park P.A.C. organizes a variety of events ranging from seminars that support parenting to fundraiser activities in support of the school. Another important function of the P.A.C. is to support the school in it’s achievement of annual school goals. We have the planning council as a structure to help facilitate parental input and energy into formulating and helping achieve the Annual School Plan.

Dr. Roberta Bondar Elementary

Dr. Thomas A. Swift Elementary

Godson Elementary
Every parent or guardian who has a child at Godson Elementary is by rights on the P.A.C. (Parent Advisory Council). The PAC is made up of a group of parent volunteers who take an active role in the activities, events, consultation, fundraising… The PAC is headed by an Executive Committee (PAC President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer…) who guide monthly meetings and will liaison between the Principal, Teachers, and Parents. This committee welcomes your ideas, suggestions, and comments – and will address your concerns at the monthly PAC and/or EXECUTIVE meetings.

Harry Sayers Elementary

Jackson Elementary

John MacLure Community School

King Traditional Elementary

Margaret Stenersen Elementary (French Immersion school)

Matsqui Elementary

McMillan Elementary

Mt. Lehman Elementary

Mountain Elementary

Prince Charles Elementary

Ross Elementary

Sandy Hill Elementary (French Immersion school)

South Poplar Traditional Elementary

Ten-Broeck Elementary

Terry Fox Elementary

Upper Sumas Elementary

Abbotsford DPAC
Bud Loewen – Chairperson

Middle Schools

Abbotsford Middle School

Abbotsford Traditional Middle School

Chief Dan George Middle School

Clayburn Middle School

Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle School

Eugene Reimer Middle School

William A. Fraser Middle School

Secondary Schools

Rick Hansen Secondary

Robert Bateman Secondary

All parents/guardians of Robert Bateman Secondary students are, be
default, a member of our PAC (Parent Advisory Council).

We encourage all parents to come out to a meeting or two (or more) so
that you can get to know what is happening at the school and what
things we need to work on and/or improve.
We are fortunate to have wonderful relationships with the
Administration and Teachers alike.

Meetings are held almost every month (we don’t usually meet in January
or over Spring Break) on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the
A very casual and laid back group. AND if we’re lucky someone brings
Starbucks coffee & goodies 🙂

We find that parents who come out to these meetings really benefit
with having a good relationship with the staff, and this is very
helpful when/if any concerns arise with our children. Plus, we usually
know what is happening in the school, even if our own children don’t
share everything with us. It is a great way to really help guide and
influence the culture, community, and education of our children.

If meetings aren’t your thing, we encourage every parent to contact
the PAC to see if there are any opportunities for you to
volunteer/help out even one day in the school year. That could mean
chaperoning a dance, helping with a fundraiser or field trip, or any
number of things that come up through out the year. Try attending a
sporting or arts event. Interacting with the school is a great way to
stay connected with what is really going on with our kids. High school
is the time when our kids think they need us the least, but the exact
opposite is true. This can be some parents last chance to really make
an impact on our children’s lives before they venture out into the
world on their own. Staying connected is key.

Please join us at our next meeting. We would love to meet you and
share a cup of coffee (or tea).

WJ Mouat Secondary

Yale Secondary

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