New Sister City?

By December 31, 2013Hot Topic

Perhaps, when Abbotsford’s Sister City, Fukagawa, gets wind of the way we treat our homeless citizens, it may want to reconsider our relationship.

If they ever decide to drop us, there may be a burrough in London more attuned to Abbotsford’s treatment of the homeless which might be more open to sharing Sister City status.

Council’s Xmas card to social housing tenants: don’t spend your rent money on booze
London’s Hammersmith and Fulham Council sent a “Christmas card” to its social housing tenants that implied that they would squander their rent money on booze. The council insists the card wasn’t intended to be insulting — rather, it was meant as a “hard hitting” reminder that to call the council’s helpline if you are struggling with your rent money.

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