‘News To You’ Newsletter – Election Edition Special

By April 19, 2013Letters

By George Evens. Politics, Elections and Fraser Valley Politicians are an interesting phenomenon to observe.

Election Edition Special is longer than normal four pages, due to election issues & addition of important Part one article, an introduction to ”DEMENTIA” potentially the most serious disease of the 21st Century) to inflict Seniors’.

– BC PROVINCIAL ELECTION MAY 14, 2013 – THE DECISION IS IN SENIORS’ HANDS TO ELECT A GOVERNMENT THAT WILL IMPLEMENT PROPOSALS TO RECOGNIZE THE MANY CONTRIBUTIONS THAT SENIORS’ MAKE TO OUR PROVINCE, SUPPORT US IN OUR DESIRE TO AGE IN PLACE. COSCO identified some important issues, including, “Help Seniors’ age in place with universal home support 7 days per week; with quality public services & housing bringing an end to ageism, abuse & discrimination; fair taxes; work with Ottawa to improve retirement security; improve care for Seniors via consistent, province-wide standards and processes that treat Seniors’ in a fair & equitable manner” (fully implement Ombudsperson 176 recommendations); eliminate MSP Premiums; STOP & reverse the privatization of health care; promote Age-Friendly communities; create the Seniors’ Advocate as an Independent Officer of the Legislature” – on May 14, 2013 lets use all our votes, not to just continue being (party) followers but to VOTE this time, for Candidates who will pledge to support Seniors’ needs & initiatives. Let’s all support our COSCO team efforts, view www.coscobc.ca for their “Respect for Seniors’ Election Campaign 2013”….. In addition some important changes needed are:

v BC Government should increase Corporate Income Tax to 13% for 3 years, then decrease to 10% in annual 1% decreases

v BC Government should immediately decrease Small Business Taxes, as “being the engine of progress for the forseeable future” incentive will be productive.

v BC Government, indeed ALL Provincial Governments, should act to remove (pay parking) at all Hospitals. ECAC first request all Residents to join our fight at Municipalities of Mission & Delta, to prohibit imposition of pay parking. Mission has entered into a memorandum of understanding to not impose pay parking for a duration of 5 years. Whereas, Delta, has a Bylaw in place, to prohibit pay parking. But Fraser Health Authority in its continued misplaced bent to incur revenue on the back of the sick & elderly are eagerly seeking to impose pay parking. Thus, Politicians must commit to eliminate existing and prohibit additional pay parking to be implemented ever. View MARKETPLACE TV on pay parking http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2013/03/hospital-parking-pain.html

v BC Government must implement an effective & comprehensive “Adult Guardian Act”, focus upon “Dementia” complication & needed action.

v BC Government need to reorganize multi-Health Authorities into a single more centralized governance, with a streamlined decentralized operational model, incorporating focus upon certain specific disciplines, such as Independent Officer’s of the Legislature, notably Seniors’ Advocate, Youth Advocate, Mental Health Advocate (liaison with National Dementia Strategy to be established).

EDITORIALLY SPEAKING OF COURSE BUT– Keep in mind, this is not your typical Newsletter, read carefully, keep an open-mind and you will learn something….. Remember these simple rules

1. Open discussion of ideas, values and priorities together with the expression of opinion is the basis for shaping effective and meaningful action

2. The phony prominence derived from elected office (Council, Chamber or Association) status neither promises omniscience nor protection from criticism from fellow citizens. The apparent fact that local (papers) will not criticize does not imply that others won’t or shouldn’t.

3. Anyone daring to contradict the power structure, has been rudely dismissed and belittled by those whom they have dared to criticize.

§ Often a case of “the same people, successive & frequently partisan reappointments/re-elections, doing the same things, resistance to change, encountered at many similar (bodies), expecting a different outcome”. (Often) wondering at lack of progress or why Volunteers are not interested. Attracting new & retaining current Volunteers is crucial. As well, measuring progress, to avoid pitfalls of “longevity breeding familiarity and fostering complacency that stifles new people & ideas”, a fine line indeed.

§ A fundamental, yet crucial foundation, is mandatory insofar as, creation and maintaining a current Constitution & Bylaws, augmented by annual Objective & Performance Review process, that (objectively) stimulates group achievements and eliminates (dictatorial) or clique dominance of an Association or any (elected) body of governance, with no exceptions.

§ The ever present “self-aggrandizement” heralds the lack of progress, by many incumbents always seeking some praise for themselves, exclaiming how well they have done in spite of facts, at hand. Indeed, Einstein defined (insanity) as “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome”. The adage often espoused, “we need different people & ideas to change the direction/outcome of where we are at and how we got here – in order to progress”.

§ Increases in Membership are crucial, to sustain volunteer aspects of operating an effective Association, to achieving community presence and relationship fulfillment of volunteer plans and goals, to broader community interests and results of any undertaking by an Association, Membership growth & sustained numbers is the most crucial goal to achieve. Through volunteers an Association (Society) will prosper. But it is through effective planning and interesting venues that meet member needs, that people will be attracted. Such as, establishment of a temporary or new Seniors Activity Centre. So, if repetitive low numbers attend monthly meetings or Annual General Meetings (AGM), few Candidates present to run for office, (of any Association) you may be in a losing battle, often in denial or conflicts with yourself. But, creating an inclusive, friendly and motivated body of enthusiastic, energetic and innovative members is a key to success. This is often achieved by (open minds, listening & involvement not dictatorial & self-righteous imposition of one’s ideas, such as within silos or clique dominated organizations).

v Informed & empathetic Leadership is needed to make an inclusive community, an Age-Friendly Community, an environmentally sensitive community.

The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (ECAC) provides unsolicited, frank & sometimes “in your face”, sage advice in a constructive and objective manner, facts and wisdom exuding empathy but equally public opinion about public interests being observed and met or not, with proposed solutions. The “News to You Newsletter” offers a potpourri of issues & spectrums related to politics & living in Canada, BC or a Municipality but a new feature is our focus upon “Seniors’ issues, under The Elder Citizen Action Coalition. We seek to identify the most common symptoms, traits & problems and to offer some solutions or ideas that (Politicians) or (Organizations) may try to improve circumstances. If you recognize any of the indicators we allude to, you may wish to investigate, ask questions or get more involved, before it is too late.


THE LEARNING PAGE – offers sage advice and counsel to all Humans, with some focus upon Seniors’ but seeks to explore and thus, provide you with proven successful “Management skills & techniques” to improve your productivity, informed decision making & stimulate your creativity, innovation and contribution to Society. It is “look in the mirror time”.

· This month we state, “Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs” still prevails as the strongest foundation and prescribed path to achieving each person’s collective goals culminating in self-actualization. It is so simple and obvious, it is overlooked by many, as the reality still remains, “most are followers, react more to self-interests” and sadly, lack personal motivations, let alone leadership behavior traits, that Maslow sets forth, as crucial steps to achieve in order to progress up the hierarchy. First and foremost, humans must achieve “Basic life needs of air, food, drink, warmth, sleep, health care and shelter”. Thus, it is crucial that Homelessness be eliminated, that employment opportunities are created (to stop free trade initiatives that result in higher unemployment, reduction of middle-class jobs & vast wealth to a minority & inferior products that do not meet health & safety standards) and at the risk of many or most Canadians incurring failure to achieve basic life needs aforementioned (we shall describe the additional four levels of needs in JUNE Newsletter).

· Some factors contributing to the dilemma of (inept) and (wrong choices) is the ever present “lack of transparency, lack of accountability, lack of objectives, goals & standards”. Similarly, the ever present “enabler, apologist and excuse maker who continues to rationalize inferior performance”, often relying upon (personality) and anecdotal impressions to combat any constructive criticism. Further, illustrates an intransigency symptomatic of a closed mind and leads to the conclusion a reasonable apprehension of bias exists.

· Possibly the single greatest demand upon VOTERS everywhere, whether to elect “Boards at Associations” or “Politicians” the more pronounced qualities desired in Candidates include their exuding “empathy”, just as being wary of persons to avoid, the “passive bystanders”, thus the qualities of sound ethics and values that set true “Leaders” apart from the pack – take the time to research Candidates carefully, set high standards and vote for people who meet needs. “We are only limited by the imagination of our Leaders”.

“DELIBERATELY STUPID AWARD” – This ‘infamous’ increasingly popular, recognized authority is awarded to the most deserving, the misguided, arrogant, self-centered & truly ignorant among us but the “deliberately stupid” category is a truly heartfelt distinction not that many, fortunately, can aspire to & attain..

v Fraser Health Authority decision to impose pay parking at Mission Memorial Hospital in 5 years, prompting expansion of ongoing (current) protest to eliminate pay parking at Hospitals, by adding a protest to prohibit FHA & Mission Council from proceeding with an agreement to add MMH to the list of Hospital charging (unacceptable) parking fees.

v Failure by more than half of Pharmaceutical Sales Reps to tell Doctors about common or serious side effects.

v Failure of BC Government to adequately staff “ER” with Doctors and Hospital beds to meet current, let aone future needs, refer to www.bcemergencycare.com for more details.

v Federal Government continued support of Harp Seal massacre, this tax funded process to provide Sealers with co-ordinates to commence the (kill) and while the WORLD condemns this massacre, Canada (blindly and willfully) perpetuates barbaric inhumane and cruel killing of baby seals, can’t fathom the senseless mindset, particularly in 21st Century, that rather than “MOVE ON CANADA” stop the SHAME, buyout sealing licences and let Canadians regain composure over immense shame felt at your ignorance.

v Federal Government failure to prohibit Pig Farrowing/Sow Crates, permitting this cruel & inhumane practice of confining Sows to continue unabated, prompting Consumers to protest by way of protesting & BOYCOTTING purchase of Pig products.

v Federal Government failure to realize and practice employing domestic workers can be the essential part of the Country’s well-being; employing temporary foreign workers must be an exceptional, not integral part of a Company business strategy, their primary goal being cheaper labour.

v Governments (often world-wide) extreme ignorance and self-interests, failure to protect habitats, to allow severe deforestation, harm notably to amphibian species, most notably frogs, creating extinction or near-extinction of some species.

v Failure of Federal Government to re-appoint Kevin page, Parliamentary Budget officer, part of (control) factor by Harper Government.

v Wars have been fought, women have protested, many have died to gain the “Democratic Right to Vote”, yet some buffoons have the audacity and daftness to claim, “it is a right to ‘not vote’ as well, well-deserving of a “special stupid award”, just think, how many actually died or were injured in protest to “get the vote” only to listen to such utter stupidity. Indeed. In a dictatorship, or where women can’t vote, why pray tell, would any fight or die to get a vote only to not use it and thus claim, “it is our democratic right to not vote”. Voting is a personal choice but having the right to vote is a democratic gained right not to be sullied by such utter ignorant people.

v Failure of Federal & Provincial Governments to introduce a free University Education Plan, thus eliminating graduating Students entering the work force under a massive cloud of debt. Equally, to afford Students advanced Skill & Trade development to meet a studied and prescribed jobs/trade future need, commencing at a minimum Grade 9 beginning for Apprenticeships.

v Failure of BC Government, to increase Film Industry tax incentive, to retain a National competitive position and attract Film business to BC.

v “Attack Ads against Adrian Dix using 1990’s offensive & insulting ’crap’, insulting VOTERS intelligence by desperate repugnant people who bring discredit upon their woeful cause”. Sadly, we fear the same rhetoric from a similar ilk Federally, by fearful Conservative supporters,

v Failure at many Community Papers to adequately inform Residents of important matters or notably “Seniors’ issues” for our immediate purposes, often a bent to ‘censor’ or ‘sanitize’ to reflect a certain opinion, possibly views of the paper. For example, how many Opinion/Letters page offer a minimum ½ page or do you witness nearly all advertising? Why have so many local papers become mere “covers for advertising materials”, whereas papers often lack substance and timely/topical items and e-news is usually outdated or sparse coverage, missing an important feature of a changing paper.

The “Political” future is unfolding with optimistic opportunities

We need to “rebuild” the ‘Political system” and reinvigorate the Voters confidence in ‘creating and managing political change needed to restore Voter trust & confidence, including wise & thoughtful realignments of revenue streams to augment “Government coffers”, to eliminate a culture of crass, partisan evasion and lack of sincerity, some paths include.

· Federally, the emergence of Justin Trudeau, MP as leader of the Liberal Party is a positive step for Canada. The silly notion that he lacks (experience) is foolhardy and opposition partisan political posturing, at best, by dinosaur minded (Politicians) of many stripes. That, indeed themselves, lack the personal qualities, ethics, stature, vision, conviction, willingness to (serve) in the true meaning and lest we overlook charisma. A young man, in comparison to many, if not most Candidates, who can inspire more young people to get involved but in doing so, not lose sight of Seniors’ needs. Nor the feeling of most (Politicians) that of entitlement & self-gains per se that, too many with longevity and (power) corrupted the political system, to date. So, it is our (guess) Canada will perceive Justin as the (savior of 2015), with a revitalized “centre-right Liberal Party”, poised to take control of Government and restore Canada to a rightful status in World affairs, free of the (wrong) ideology & (dictatorial) rule of today.

· Next major public movement, most likely Seniors’ & expansion of the “Silver Tsunami” (a major growing Seniors’ movement, lacking co-ordination/organization of the whole but significant organization among throngs of Seniors’ groups across North America) – The common denominator of public protests, “long-standing issues not being effectively addressed”…..currently the “yell for attention” – next COMMON GOALS/ACTION by any astute Government!

· Canada & Provinces need “Democratic Reforms”, free votes, independent Committees and more powerful ‘Back Benchers”.

· The days of prorogued Government, Omnibus Bills and Autocratic Style, with “no dissent” MUST GO; a need to shake-up things if you want to change the dominant consensus or you’re never going to get progressive & fair change”.

· Simple & fundamental change is needed, abandoning “Leader dictatorship” and “creating effective Recall”, reinstating the Constituent as the primary beneficiary.

· MISSION “ELECTION 2014” – Are Mission & Abbotsford Councils performing, who is/who is not? It is time to start planning our ‘election campaign’ to attract, if needed, a (New Mayor & Council). CRMG identified the successful process, a needed (SLATE) approach & typical campaign to achieve a renewal of Council, so let’s make more wise Candidate choices but the campaign process is before us. Seniors’ hold the balance of (votes) to elect a new Council and yes, on May 14, 2013 “new MLA’s across the Province who will Respect & fight for Seniors’ rights & needs”.

Some Important dates to remember

· Thursday May 2, 2013, 10:30am, meeting at Mission Community Activity Centre ALL SENIORS’ are encouraged to attend this meeting, JOIN or RENEW MSCA ($10 Annual dues – help plan activities – YOUR SENIOR VOICE, LEADERSHIP, SUPPORT & WISDOM is needed more than ever NOW!

· Thursday May 9, 1:30pm. Mission Seniors’ Advisory Committee, monthly meeting at Mission Seniors’ Centre (venue change) – What is MSAC doing? Is MSAC attracting “the BEST” Senior Leaders? Does MISSION need one STRONG (Umbrella) organization to (represent) Seniors’ & secure an Activity Centre? An “Age Friendly” community needs a “steering Committee” – who? Mission Seniors’ Advisory Committee are spearheading two great events. Stay tuned for confirmed details:

* Friday May 31, 2013, 1:00pm at Seniors Activity Centre – Guest, Kim Carter Ombudsperson “speaking to Seniors about Seniors”

* May 31, 2013 – June 8, 2013 “Seniors’ Week” – “Come out ‘with a Senior’ & enjoy celebrations”

Some Important web.sites to become aware of & informed about Seniors’ issues

· The Elder Citizen Action Coalition – www.thecouncilclaw.ca ‘click’ CONTENTS. The “cutting-edge Leadership for Seniors’ in Canada – Seniors’ unite & organize; NOW on ECAC site, 23 pictures of the impressive “New” Pitt Meadows Seniors’ Activity Centre (adjoining “The Wesbrooke Seniors’Living Community”

· District of Mission – www.mission.ca – watch Council meetings in progress LIVE VIA WEB CAST or check back anytime to view any topic or issues

· COSCO “Council of Seniors Citizens’ Organizations” www.coscobc.ca – 80 affiliated organizations; 85,000 senior members – The “Joys & Tears Conference” notes now posted

· OMBUDSPERSON – www.bcombudsperson.ca – A Roadmap To Better Seniors’ Care In B.C., A Summary of BC Ombudsperson Report – 176 detailed recommendations. Subscribe to receive email updates at http://www.ombudsman.bc.ca/subscribe Simply, “The Ministry of Health has, in many cases, failed to fulfill its leadership role for Seniors’ care in B.C.”.

We are “The Elder Citizen Action Coalition” (ECAC) – “Representing & speaking for Seniors’ who share our values”. The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (ECAC) is a private owned, operated, non-profit, apolitical and pro-active Seniors’ organization. On the ‘cutting edge’ of the silver tsunami with the potential to represent millions of like-minded Seniors’ who share our values, thus our sphere of influence is massive. ECAC always represent the majority of public interests & public opinion & convey “responsible communication on all matters of public interest. The rallying call, “Unity In Challenging Times” *** Passion *** Persistence *** Power *** Progress

· Demanding “Respect for Seniors’” & improved lifestyle for ALL Seniors’. We are often irreverent, occasionally may portray a “devil’s advocate” persona, seek to address controversy, be provocative and normally “not suffering fools gladly”, we simply desire to “place ideas & issues on the table, & stimulate thought & inspire principled leadership”.

· ECAC, home of the “ELDER CITIZEN ROUND TABLE”, a visionary, innovative, knowledgeable & progressive thinking discussion group selected from the most informed progressive Seniors’ leaders and invited GUESTS; we will attend some Conferences and report back to Seniors Organizations locally. Refer www.thecouncilclaw.ca click ‘CONTENTS’ Elder Citizen Action Coalition – A “Champion of Seniors’ Causes, Needs & Issues”. Special Feature – View pictures of effective Seniors’ Activity Centre’s at Pitt Meadows, Maple-Ridge, Coquitlam & West Vancouver, marvel at what Mission can achieve with pro-active leadership. The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) formed (1988) rally call “Respect Animals” is now heralded again, since formation of Seniors’ Advocacy, now The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (2005), demanding “Respect Seniors’”.

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