Nonsense From A Tyrant’s Lapdog

By October 8, 2014Hot Topic, Walter Neufeld

By Walter Neufeld. [In response to: Ed Fast On Canada’s Military Response To ISIL] First our federal politicians create conditions abroad which incubate & hatch monsters and then they confront Canadians with ultimatums about the resultant threats & the dire need to spend their lives and money beating down the anticipated blowback.

This on the heels of the Harper government’s practiced refusal to allow Canadians a participatory role in the democratic decision making process but demanding they pay for the resultant liabilities. And all this while they continue exporting weapons which arm the monsters they created in the first place.

In response to Fast’s defence of the indefensible, Canadians say, “NO”

“NO,” we will not spend our lives and money to bail out your foreign and domestic corruptions.

To you we say, change your ideology & your plans: eliminate Harper from politics


Where ISIS’ arms come from:

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  • Claudia Evens says:

    Yes, Walter, you are absolutely correct in describing Ed Fast as a “lapdog” of Harper. He has never shown independent thought, says the right things to the powers he wants to keep company with and can’t speak without a scripted response written for him. Mr. Fast constantly mails out his propaganda news releases telling his constituents how wonderful he is without thought for the cost to Canadian citizens. He will justify anything Harper does if it gives him the personal importance he seeks and oh yes, we must not forget the fat pension he will receive at the end of it all. This is a man who has made a profession by smiling his way into politics and little else.

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