Norrish Creek Slide

By October 3, 2013Abbotsford News

From City of Abbotsford. At approximately 17:00 PM on October 2, 2013 a slide occurred on the Forest Service Road to Norrish Creek completely blocking the road. The slide covers approximately 300 metres and photos are attached.

A contracted security guard stationed at the Norrish Creek Treatment Plant attempted to hike across the debris field at some point overnight and became stranded. Mission Search and Rescue were dispatched to the scene this morning and the security guard has since been transported to hospital. His full condition is unknown, but preliminary reports are that he was uninjured.

The slide also caused a breach in the Norrish water supply pipe that runs alongside the road and City crews have shut down the Norrish system. No impact is anticipated to water service for residents of Abbotsford and Mission as supply from Cannell Lake and the wells systems can address demand at this time of year.

A full review of the site is being undertaken although preliminary estimations are that it will be upwards of 4 weeks before the supply will be restored to full operation. The Forest Service Road remains closed to all foot and vehicle traffic until further notice.
Norrish Vert

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