Nothing Happened. And We’ve Got The Video To Prove It

Anybody wondering why the newspaper industry is having such a hard time these days, beyond asking who is actually reading the things or advertising in them, might start to look at the money they devote to covering local news.

Newspapers have always been a high cost business and it has always been said by the industry that it costs a lot of money to do what they do.

This week somebody got paid to produce the following, ‘Top of the Homepage” story about something that literally didn’t happen.

And they got a video to show for it.

I know you have to get your money’s worth, and it may have simply been in order to justify their mileage expense entry, but really guys … just because you paid for doesn’t mean you have to publish it.

(And who the hell thought the story was so good they recommended it 8 times on Facebook?)

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  • Captain Obvious says:

    So the purpose of your article is to report on a media outlet reporting on nothing? It must be tough out there.

    • Fred Scullard says:

      I think the point they are making in this article is the fact that the chain newspapers in Abbotsford do not deliver the real news of what is happening in our community. If it wasn’t for the Abbotsford Today, we mostly likely would have missed the chicken manure story.

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