Now You Can Attend Part Of The Women’s Wellness Weekend Retreat

By Sheryl Stanton R.N. When was the last time you laughed ‘til it hurt, felt safe, accepted and understood or you felt as if a great weight had been lifted off your shoulders? Can you even remember back to when it used to feel good to cry? If not, you’ll want to read every word of this important message. You’ll get to experience all of this and so much more at the Women’s Wellness Weekend Retreat!

Just imagine…your healing adventure begins with a short drive into the beautiful north Fraser Valley area just past Mission. You are surrounded by the beauty of majestic mountains, calming forest scenes and the peaceful Fraser River and Hatzic Lake. Whether you choose a wild or cultivated taste of nature, It is a veritable feast for your senses!

As you enter the sheltered gates of Camp Luther, you’re enveloped in an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity – of getting away from it all. Don’t fight it… just let go. You’re there at long last! No more phones ringing, emails to worry about, work stress mounting up, annoying, demanding people, or endless housework to do. Just a safe, serene and supportive environment for you to get back in touch with youself. This is your time and you deserve every precious minute of it!

I have had so many people say that they would love to attend the “Women’s Wellness Weekend” retreat but they could not come for the whole time. I have decided to honor their requests to be able to come for part of the retreat.
The retreat is being held from Friday afternoon, April 26th to Sunday noon, April 28th at the Camp Luther Retreat Centre on Hatzic Island, just past Mission.
If you are not able to come to the whole retreat, I have created 3 other options:

1. Friday night and all day Saturday
2. Saturday only
3. Saturday and Sunday

All of the details can be found on the website
It is going to be such an amazing time. I hope that you choose to look after yourself and join us.

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