Office Hours Opening Next Week

By February 17, 2017Live Entertainment

Submitted. ¬†Written by one of Canada’s most popular playwrights, Norm Foster, this show is a farcical romp through six separate but interconnected stories (scenes) all taking place in different offices, on a Friday afternoon in the big city.

The characters aren’t the usual folks you’d expect to see hanging ’round the water cooler. There’s an overweight jockey, a sex-starved psychiatrist, a burn out Hollywood director, an accident prone figure-skater, a philandering literary agent and many more – all in desperately hilarious predicaments that must be sorted out by quitting time.

“Office Hours” is one of Foster’s funniest plays. Filled with snappy dialogue and witty repartee, this show is reminiscent a Neil Simon or an Alan Ayckbourn piece. “I really enjoy the writing in “Office Hours,” laughs Craig Meester, the show’s director. “I love that everyone gets to crack a joke.” With six separate sketches, there’s no shortage of opportunity.

“Office Hours” runs Feb. 24 to March 12, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm. Thursday tickets are two for one. Tickets are $15 and are available at or or 604-826-ONTS

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