Olympian’s Swimmers Continue Their Hard Work

By November 6, 2013Sports News

Submitted. The Olympians Swim Club, finished off the 2012-2013 season with medals, records and improvements that were plentiful; As they enter the early stages of the 2013-2014 season they are on pace to repeat their accomplishment and then some.

The Olympians started this season running, they were off the blocks early in October in Issaquah, Washington. The swimmers raced well in a yards format against their American counter parts, winning several categories. The meet would set the tone for this season, and that tone was fast!

Over that last 3 weeks, the Olympian swimmers raced at a small intra club meet, where we saw some of tomorrows Olympian swimmers in action as the enthusiastic 7, 8, 9 & 10 year olds had their skills on display, racing and having fun. No doubt we will see more from youngsters like Kiera Diotte and Brooklyn Gerber as well as their team mates in the near future.

Within that same period, the Olympian swimmers raced extremely well at the UBC aquatic center at the annual VPSC invite October 26th & 27th. Around their racing, the Olympian swimmers logged 17,000m of training in three sessions. The mini training camp provided the opportunity the swimmers needed to teach them that swimming fast and swimming well does not require perfect conditions, and that in fact an individual is capable of a achieving a tremendous amount when a goal or an objective combined with a long term step by step process is their focus and not the meager self-serving, comfortable nature of the word’s “I can’t”.

The swimmers took on the challenge extremely well posting 83% best times, 33 club records and 3 aggregate awards. Hannah Weinkauf, James Lee, Mckenna Postles, Alina Blakey, Ryan Han, Tobyn Smith & Tavleen Grewal were all multiple record breakers. Tobyn Smith earned a second place aggregate award in the 10 & under girl’s category, Ryan Han earned a 4th place aggregate in the 11-12 boys category and James Lee earned a 10th place aggregate in the 15-17 boys category.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Olympians swimmers, they will be active in the community and in the pool at the MRC pool.

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