On Backyard Chickens

By October 21, 2013Letters, Pop Voice

Dear Mayor & Council: Please take into account our following experience with backyard chickens….

Our neighbors had backyard chickens, who defecated in backyard … including down patio steps … attracted flies in spring/summer and the food attracted rats … and the cock crowed every morn. between 4:30-5:30 am and houses are much closer together than on the farm …

When the tenants left … they butchered the chickens in the backyard and left the heads for a week in backyard before the landlord showed up and by then the smell was so bad … one fellow doing the clean-up almost vomited due to the stench and flies.

There are responsible people, who would raise the chickens, but, what procedures will be in place to deal with the problem people raising chickens in residential backyards??

Many residents already have to deal with neighbors who never clean up the dog doo in the backyard and have to smell wafts of doggie doo.

Thank You for your consideration of this matter.

Lilly Kaetler
Adelaide St., – City Centre)

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