One Hundred Lives Lost in the Last Decade on Abbotsford’s Roads

By February 3, 2014Community News

The Abbotsford Police Department has again established Road Safety as its top priority for 2014. While 2013 did see reduced numbers of fatal collisions in our community, the number of injury crashes did not change much from previous years. Those types of crashes obviously create the potential for negative consequences to the lives of the injured, as well as for the loss of life at scene, or later in hospital. As a police department, and as a community, we need to do more. Over the last decade 100 people have died on Abbotsford’s roads. That represents far too many tragedies. In that same period of time 36 people were victims of homicide in our city. We understand that homicides grab headlines but all senseless loss of life creates the same impact and devastation on families and communities.

In the APD’s continued effort to create awareness and education around Road Safety, we offer our first poster and video of 2014, which commemorate the 100 lives lost over the last decade in our community. Please post and share the video and poster to help us spread the message and change driving behaviours. Video link.

APD 100 message

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