Open Letter From The Rural & Urban Ratepayers Of Abbotsford: No $$ To The YMCA

By January 29, 2013Letters

This is an important message to all of the Rural & Urban Ratepayers of Abbotsford.

Our Council will be revisiting the 17.5 million dollar YMCA proposal in the near future.

This letter is sent to encourage all of you to contact our Mayor and Councillors to voice your concern about our city getting involved in the YMCA project at this time.

A change of direction is needed at city hall. The mindset of spending on projects we cannot afford must stop.

With council denying the YMCA this grant of over 17 million dollars, it will send a message to the citizens of Abbotsford that our council is listening to its’ citizens by shelving this YMCA matter.

We urge you to remind our civic leaders that ongoing subsidies to many Abbotsford establishments has already cost us millions of dollars and in light of these previous investments, going forward with the $17.5 million to the YMCA is something we just can’t afford at this time.

Our committee members believe that there are far more important issues to solve then that of giving our tax money to the  YMCA. For example, resolving the upcoming labour negotiations with CUPE or the out of control rural traffic jams on our country roads surely should be key focus issues for our council rather than the YMCA.

We are reminded of the flawed policies and contrite spending in the past. Remember that our city had a reserve in excess of $25 million dollars in year 2008; why are we broke now?

Please write our Mayor & Council to ask them to set aside the YMCA project until our fiscal house is in order.

Here is a direct link for you to contact Mayor Banman & the other 8 Councillors.


The Committee of Rural Ratepayers of Abbotsford
Daren Alary, Faye Kilian, Peggy Parkinson, Ty Sztuhar, Lynda Richard, Don Campbell, Brian Kingman

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