Open Letter To Council About Carbon Tax – Challenge BC Liberals

By March 28, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. The BC Carbon Tax must be scrapped. BC needs to get off the global warming bandwagon, including everything this entails. The untold misery we will avoid by doing so is incalculable. Now is the time to pressure the BC Liberal Government to act, prior to the election that they will likely lose unless … they act before the election.

Editor’s Note: For a downloadable PDF version of the Auditor General’s Report Click Here

The BC Carbon Tax has been used solely to buy votes. In particular greenhouse business votes, to the tune of $8,000 per acre of greenhouse growing space. The carbon tax burden for greenhouse producers using fossil fuels is ~$10,000/acre/year. Greenhouses are assured an 80% rebate for the next 3 years. Their cheques for 2012 are already received and in the bank. Total BC Greenhouse production area = 5.5 million square meters = 1375 acres (conservative).

Every citizen in this province deserves the same. If we as cities put on the required pressure, and the BC Liberals have the spine to make this move for the people of BC, they can save us as well as themselves.

This is the most significant document released concerning the institutionalization of Climate Change policy. Every MLA and candidate in the upcoming election needs to feel the heat of this atrocity. We need to demand the Climate Action Secretariat be disbanded, the Pacific Carbon Trust be dissolved, PCICS at the University of Victoria have its endowment stripped, and the BC Carbon Tax be immediately rescinded.

The OAG’s preamble is simply breath-taking, laying bare the insidious nature of environmentalism’s agenda:

“With all my public reports, I aim for the results to be useful to individuals and groups
beyond the specific organization audited, so that British Columbians and their elected
representatives can get full value for the work of my Office. This audit is no different –
not only would the Pacific Carbon Trust and the Climate Action Secretariat benefit
from it, but so too could the broader international carbon offset community.
However, I have reasons to be concerned whether such benefits will be realized.

Of all the reports I have issued, never has one been targeted in such an overt manner by
vested interests, nor has an audited organization ever broken my confidence, as did the
senior managers at PCT by disclosing confidential information to carbon market developers
and brokers. The orchestrated letter-writing campaign from domestic and foreign
entities which followed this disclosure demanded considerable staff time, and resulted in
the delay of this report. I cannot sufficiently express my surprise and disappointment that
a public sector entity, with a fiduciary duty to the people of British Columbia, chose to
expend its time and energy in this manner, rather than addressing the concerns raised
in the audit – and that they did so with the knowledge of their governing board.

In that context, government’s response is small encouragement, and my Office will
continue to follow-up on their progress in implementing the recommendations
in this report.”

I encourage you to read the 3 linked articles, and peruse the attached summary, where you will find our city’s expenditures on the concept, through local PSO’s (Public Service Organizations) .


Eric van Steenis

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  • BCGuy says:

    I find it rather odd that BC is the ONLY province in North America being charged a carbon tax. No other province, and none of the states of America are being charged this. One has to wonder why we are the only ones in North America having to pay this ridiculous tax. Oh wait, I know why, because the government loves that extra money being taken away from all residents of BC to pay for their blundering mistakes.

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