Open Letter To Mike Welte

By January 31, 2014Letters, Pop Voice

Good morning Mr. Welte.

I take serious exception to your public statement in the January 28th, 2014, edition of the Abbotsford News, in regards to the proposed Abbotsford Community Services Supportive Housing Project. As far as I am concerned, the Chamber has absolutely no business “sticking their nose” into this project.

Have you taken a survey lately of the number of vacant store fronts in the downtown area? Over the past year plus there have been 4 or 5 restaurants close because the demographics of the area are changing. The C-7 bylaw was passed at a given time to address issues at that time. Times have changed, issues have changed. You know as well as I do that rules and laws are never forever. They are all subject to change. STOP resisting change!

If anyone has a complaint, it should be with Mayor and Council for giving millions of dollars away in tax deferrals to attract business rather than to look after what we already have. This is typical of Abbotsford, the most giving community in Canada. We would rather send our money and resources to other parts of the world than to look after “our own” first. Allow me to ask you a question, do you go out and clean all of your neighbors residences before you spend time cleaning your own home or do look after your own home and, as time permits, assist the neighbors? I am certain that you do the latter. Why can not Abbotsford do the same?

The ADBA is going the way of the Dodo bird. Instead of resisting change and supporting an dying organization, stand up and embrace change and support of your fellow human beings, less fortunate than you and me!

Thank you for your time.


Basil Stevens
MonoPod Photography

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