Open Letter To Mission And Abbotsford Seniors

By January 21, 2013Letters

From George Evens. Our News to Seniors cover a wide array of topics dear to the hearts of intelligent, wise, compassionate and successful Humans. Two primary objectives commence for 2013, one current primary focus is upon Seniors’ needs, that we seek to improve Seniors’ lives, through joint efforts, either spearheaded by The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (ECAC-2005) and/or by ECAC joining & supporting other Senior leaders who may welcome our involvement & support, refer ‘click’ CONTENTS. The second current primary focus will be to welcome support from the millions of Advocates/Activists in Animal Welfare/Rescue/Cruelty and many Colleagues on the www.WorldAnimal.Net to work in-concert with The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW- 1995) , select the Topic of interest from CONTENTS list.

v Communicating effectively to the millions of Seniors’ represented by countless Organizations. Simply, if all recipients of our “newsletter” merely send to family, friends & members we may reach millions, who in turn will share with family and so forth, “we become our own Media; a major political force with sheer numbers that may help change Countries, Governments, Municipal Councils & even “Associations”, moving toward a better & more caring Society”.

Ø SENIORS’ MATTER – “It is time for all to shake hands” ….. Some retrospection will identify a road to follow …..BUT, First, we finally need an MLA who will represent Constituents. ECAC “Elder Citizen Round Table Discussion” with Mike Bocking, NDP, MLA Candidate Mission/Maple-Ridge & Preet Rai, NDP, MLA Candidate Mission/Abbotsford on Thursday February 28, 2013, 7:00pm-10:00pm (Limited Seating – By Invitation) – Frank Questions by (informed) Senior Leaders & (Candidate) Answers on Seniors’ issues but the Community, as well…..Who will fund Missions’ first Seniors’ Activity Centre NOW – beyond talk?


· We are “The Elder Citizen Action Coalition” (ECAC) – “representing & speaking for Seniors’ who share our values”, is a heartfelt goal, it is crucial to understand, even if you do not wish to personally get involved, you need a (body) you trust, who will diligently represent your comparable views, people who will “do your homework for you” and your support to “vote for endorsed Candidates” becomes your paramount task; VOTE, as in all venues, “it is numbers that elect”. Seniors’ (you & I) have the numbers, we just need the resourcefulness to co-ordinate, to ‘make things happen’ and this will become your task to become informed & support ECAC. Our passion and mounting (power), is sometimes equaled, BUT never surpassed.

· The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (ECAC) is a private owned, operated, non-profit, apolitical and pro-active Seniors’ organization. On the ‘cutting edge’ of the silver tsunami with the potential to represent millions of like-minded Seniors’ who share our values, thus our sphere of influence is massive. ECAC always represent the majority of public interests & public opinion & convey “responsible communication on all matters of public interest. The rallying call, “Unity In Challenging Times” with one united voice to ‘represent YOU’, with

*** Passion *** Persistence *** Power *** Progress

· Demanding respect & improved lifestyle for ALL Seniors’. Often irreverent, occasionally may portray a “devil’s advocate” persona, seek to address controversy, be provocative and normally “not suffering fools gladly”, we simply desire to “place ideas & issues on the table, & stimulate thought & inspire principled leadership”.

· ECAC, home of the “Elder Citizen ROUND TABLE”, a discussion group of select Seniors’ and invited GUESTS; we will attend some Conferences and report back to Seniors Organizations locally; we shall ‘tap into & harness some energies from OCCUPY groups bringing organization from Seniors’. Typically we select representatives to meet our need and standards but welcome you to consider becoming a campaigner & seniors’ champion for ECAC, letter writer to papers, social media contributor, attend protests, conferences & Council meetings, be a speaker and supporter for our many issues – forward your contact info, as well, to receive Newsletters.

· Refer click ‘CONTENTS’ Elder Citizen Action Coalition – A “Champion of Seniors’ Causes, Needs & Issues”.

THE LEARNING PAGE – offers sage advice and counsel to all Humans, with some focus upon Seniors’ but seeks to explore and thus, provide you with proven successful “Management skills & techniques” to improve your productivity, informed decision making & stimulate your creativity, innovation and contribution to Society. Sadly, some still retain traits of apathy, indifference and denial, thus, trying to impress and educate, that, when we add in “lack of attention span” some only perceive documents from the negative, “too long to read” so, like so many good causes to address issues requiring human support, we persevere and are thankful most will respond favourably and thus, in due course, progress will continue.

· RESPONSIVENESS, BY HIGH ACHIEVERS=INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY FOR ORGANIZATIONS & COMMUNITIES, Improved relationships with people are often influenced by simple courtesies, like, how promptly do you respond to inquiry? “High achievers” are often known to be “classy, responsive, empathetic” they “answer questions, complete projects promptly” & stimulate productivity. Whereas, others tend to “not reply to a Party RSVP awaiting something better to come along” or arrogance may prevail “nobody tells me what to do, I’ll do what I want, when I want”, simply this ilk reduce productivity; cause people eagerly awaiting their cooperation or an answer, to incur some anxiety or alienation, to prompt additional (time-wasting) follow-ups seeking response. Thus, subject often to how prevalent a (type of personality) may be, an organization, community, company or such can quickly become unproductive or ineffective, which may be in some situations, a costly proposition. Due diligence, a positive outlook and renewed enthusiasm and acts of cooperation can dramatically improve otherwise unpleasant environments, at home, at work, at play and in any circumstance requiring more astute professional/management and mature thinking – think about it!

· New Horizon’s sought – innovation, visionary & open mind to change directions and welcome new leaders:

o It is hard for some to accept, “you are wrong” and have them accept as constructive, given many lack the knowledge to compute what you allege and may claim to “having done so and so all their lives or it has worked for (me) to date”. But the fact remains.

o In some cases, age has become a debilitating factor, others (power) has solidified the status-quo, the common psychopath & narcissism traits exist.

o Not to forget long-serving politicians who, finally, at this juncture many are departing now having secured their “golden pension”, but who were often useless and self-serving of Leaders/Party whims anyways, seldom furthering Constituents non-partisan needs.

o Sadly, Mission is one of the worst but “but time for renewal is quickly approaching”. ECAC will be steadfast in our quest for Seniors’ both to new MLA’s and in continued rebuilding a new Municipal Council.

Some factors contributing to the dilemma of (inept) and (wrong choices) is the ever present “lack of transparency, lack of accountability, lack of objectives & standards” but similarly, the ever present “enabler, apologist and excuse maker who continues to rationalize inferior performance”, often relying upon (personality) and anecdotal impressions to combat any constructive criticism against a (friend, party faithful) that essentially tries to place obstacles in the path of constructive progress emerging, whereas a reasonably informed person would have the clear impression. Further, illustrates an intransigency which is symptomatic of a closed mind and leads to the conclusion a reasonable apprehension of bias exists.

“DELIBERATELY STUPID AWARD” – This ‘infamous’ increasingly popular, recognized authority is awarded to the most deserving, the misguided, arrogant, self-centered & truly ignorant among us but the “deliberately stupid” category is a truly heartfelt distinction not that many, fortunately, can aspire to & attain..

· Traditional Celebrations – Causing injury or cruel, inhumane death to an animal. Horrible tradition in Nenu Thuong, Village, Vietnam “Live Pigs are cut in half” in some (sick) notion, rubbing money in the (pigs) blood will bring prosperity; Shark fin soup, a cruel & inhumane practice

· Provincial Government hasty decision to remove (Pet Deer) lacking a perceived compassion but fortunately wisdom has prevailed by a change of mind to leave the Deer with now 10 year adopted Guardian, an elderly lady

· Provincial Government “Attack Ads”, perpetuating the perceived desperation & lack of good judgment these silly ads manifest in out-of-control/touch Government, perpetuate bad public impression rather than signal some wisdom may be emerging; Perpetuating Pay Parking at Hospitals

· Provincial Government continued bad judgment, now to abandon Auditor General Doyle but do so under the guise of a misnomer Legislative Committee, stacked with three Liberal and two NDP and the silly notion put forth by Senior bureaucrats some (independence) exists; then Premier intervening with additional two year term and extension to incumbent but future Auditor General non-reappointment clause and 8 year term – duh!!! In all the silliness, like elections per se, the most important (addition) needed in all cases, “an effective recall system that affords the Public assurance of performance, ability to, after one year tenure, remove inept individuals without penalty”. Simply, waiting for the next election, serving any (appointment) duration or enduring inept performance any duration is unacceptable and unproductive. Thus, in all circumstances, an “escape clause” is mandatory in order to preserve public confidence and assure productive performance. Hence, a (competent) incumbent like Doyle, ought to enjoy a renewed appointment and likewise the Public not be hamstrung by “red tape bureaucracy or partisan politics”.

The “Political” future is unfolding with optimistic opportunities

We need to “rebuild” the ‘Political system” and reinvigorate the Voters confidence in ‘creating and managing political change needed to restore Voter trust & confidence.’

· The yell for attention by some disparate movements, first “Occupy Movement” (initially lacking organization) and followed now by “Idle No More” (a more organized First Nations movement but not yet accepted into mainstream) and it is anyone’s guess who is next, most likely expansion of the “Silver Tsunami” (a major growing Seniors’ movement, lacking co-ordination/organization of the whole but significant organization among throngs of Seniors’ groups across North America) – The common denominator, “long-standing issues not being effectively addressed”…..currently the “yell for attention” – next COMMON GOALS/ACTION!

· Canada & Provinces need “Democratic Reforms”, free votes, independent Committees and more powerful ‘Back Benchers”.

· The days of prorogued Government, Omnibus Bills and Autocratic Style, with “no dissent” MUST GO; a need to shake-up things if you want to change the dominant consensus or you’re never going to get progressive & fair change”.

· Some simple & fundamental change is needed, starting with abandoning “Leader dictatorship” and “creating effective Recall”, reinstating the Constituent as the primary beneficiary.

· MISSION “ELECTION 2014” – Are Mission & Abbotsford Councils performing, who is/who is not? It is time to start planning our ‘election campaign’ to attract, if needed, a (New Mayor & Council). CRMG identified the successful process, a needed (SLATE) approach & typical campaign to achieve a renewal of Council, so let’s make more wise Candidate choices but the campaign process is before us. Seniors’ hold the balance of (votes) to elect a new Council and yes, on May 14, 2013 a “new MLA”.

· Some Important dates to remember

· Thursday February 7, 2013, 10:30am, Mission Seniors Centre Association, monthly meeting at Mission Community Activity Centre ALL SENIORS’ are encouraged to attend this meeting, JOIN or RENEW MSCA ($10 Annual dues) & help plan activities – YOUR SENIOR VOICE, LEADERSHIP, SUPPORT & WISDOM is needed more than ever NOW! George F. Evens will give an update on Ombudsperson Forum held last December 10th.

· Wednesday February 13, 2013, 3:00pm, Seniors’ Centre Task Force, Municipal Hall (Conference Room) & each 2nd Wednesday monthly at 3:00pm until April 2013 the Task Force will meet,

· Thursday February 14, 2013, 1:30pm. Mission Seniors’ Advisory Committee, monthly meeting at Mission Seniors’ Centre (venue change) – What is MSAC doing? Is MSAC attracting “the BEST” Senior Leaders? Does MISSION need one STRONG (Umbrella) organization to (represent) Seniors’ & secure an Activity Centre? An “Age Friendly” community needs a “steering Committee” – who?

· Thursday February 28, 2013, 7:00pm, “Elder Citizen Round Table”, Frank discussion with two MLA Candidates, Limited Seating, By Invitation.

Some Important web.sites to become aware of & informed about Seniors’ issues

· The Elder Citizen Action Coalition – ‘click’ CONTENTS. The “cutting-edge Leadership for Seniors’ in Canada – Seniors’ unite & organize

· District of Mission – – watch Council meetings in progress LIVE VIA WEB CAST or check back anytime to view any topic or issues from archives. This is a significant improvement for public viewing and to witness our Council in action, to verify environment created & discussion accuracy.

· Today’s Seniors’ News Magazine – published 1st of each month, available locally – This may be one possible central source of Seniors’ information, particularly to the 30-40% of Seniors’ with no Computer access. Simply EVERY Senior needs two or more source to visit frequently to get informed quickly…..

· COSCO “Council of Seniors Citizens’ Organizations” – 80 affiliated organizations; 85,000 senior members – The “Joys & Tears Conference” notes now posted

· OMBUDSPERSON – – A Roadmap To Better Seniors’ Care In B.C., A Summary of BC Ombudsperson Report – 176 detailed recommendations. Subscribe to receive email updates at Simply, “The Ministry of Health has, in many cases, failed to fulfill its leadership role for Seniors’ care in B.C.”.

· BC Centre for Elder Advocacy & Support – – check out their many Workshops, such as, “When I’m 64 Benefits/Services/Controlling Affairs”, Elder abuse

· BC Government SeniorsBC

· BC Health Coalition 10 pg. Summary Ombudsperson Report; numerous Reports back to 2006

In closing let me repeat these important thoughts, “Ageing should not be the inevitable progression of sickness and seclusion but rather, “the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age”. Health cost increase by usage of all age groups, so stop bullying Seniors’ making them feel they are becoming a burden upon Society, indeed, Seniors’ are the most healthy now of any generation to date. The goals of “Respect, Inclusion & effective ways of Communication seniors’ can understand” must be paramount, As COSCO says, “Work & Plan with Seniors’, not for them”.

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