Open Mind BC Youth Mental Health Tools And Resources

By September 30, 2014Health, Health News, Features

From Open Mind BC. Sometimes it can be hard to know whether the feelings you are having are a normal part of growing up, or whether there is something more serious going on. It can also be difficult to initiate a conversation about mental health concerns, or even know who to talk to.

Cover Art: “Open Mind” by Danielle Mainman. Age 17 from Vancouver, BC

That’s why we have compiled some helpful websites designed specifically for youth who have questions or concerns about their mental wellbeing.

As discussed on many of these websites, using these tools and resources is not a substitute for seeking guidance from a trusted adult. If, after reading the information on these sites, you feel your mental wellbeing is at risk, please do seek help. Who you’re most comfortable reaching out to is your decision, but do consider speaking to a parent or other adult; whether a trusted family member, your teacher or school counsellor, doctor, or other health care provider.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please seek help urgently by:

Calling 911 or going to your local hospital’s emergency room
Calling the Crisis Line at 310-6789 or the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) for confidential, non-judgmental and free support available 24/7
Calling the YouthinBC 24/7 crisis line at 1-866-3311, or access their online chat with trained volunteers 12 pm – 1 am daily.

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