Open Up The Teacher Negotiations

By September 4, 2014Letters

Dear Editor. It’s time to think differently about the BCTF and the Provincial Government negotiations.

All summer long teachers, parents, and students have been waiting for a resolution. The public was told all summer that each side was willing to discuss but the other side was not.

Last week we were promised marathon meetings to work on a deal.

Let’s hold both the Government and BCTF accountable by making their negotiations fully public through TV.

Both sides sit down in one room and have live TV cameras on them. This can be broadcast across the province via Victoria’s Legislative Broadcasting channel. The media can watch to see what each side brings to the table.

But also we get to see if Jim Icker and Peter Fassbender are actually talking or just positioning themselves through the media.

This issue affects 500,000 students and probably a similar number of parents in BC. It affects our children’s future. Let’s make the negotiations accessible to the public.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Wuschke

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