Opening Nite Theatre Annual General Meeting


As we come to the end of another ONTS year it’s time for our Annual General Meeting to which all members as well as the general public are warmly invited.

We’ll be reviewing all that ONTS has done in the last theatrical year as well as our plans for the year ahead and we will also be electing the 2016/17 ONTS Board Committee.

This is your chance to get involved with your local group and have your say on issues important to the society. If you are considering any positions then feel free to click the link below and take a look at all our Volunteer opportunities!
Also food, beverages, as well as entertainment are included!

See you there!

You are invited to the ONTS 2016 AGM

 Date: Friday, September 23rd
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Opening Nite Theatre

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