Overheard: Did Mike De Jong Say He Made The Basi-Virk Decision To Save Taxpayers Money?

By May 11, 2013Overheard, Politics

We’ve “overheard” that at more than one public meeting about 18 months ago after the Basi-Virk deal was done, that incumbent BC Liberal MLA and former Attorney General Mike de Jong not only said the decision to pay the $6 Million dollar legal bills of Dave Basi and Bobby Virk was his decision, but that he had made the decision because it would be less costly to taxpayers than allowing the trial to go on.

On Tuesday Global News released the documents in the Basi, Virk deal.

On Thursday, independent MLA John van Dongen told Abbotsford Today that the documents showed
that the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General broke the law.

Mike de Jong has said repeatedly during the election campaign that it was two deputy ministers who made the decision.

Which is it?

We’re not sure if De Jong made those statements at those public meetings or not. But there were lots of people who attended them. Can anybody who attended those meetings help us clear up the confusion?

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