Overheard: Homeless Task Force Members Didn’t Know They Were On It

By April 3, 2014Pop Voice

By Ambroese Bierce. So; just as everybody left town for Spring Break, Mayor Bruce Banman let a little press release slip out announcing he had struck a Task Force on Homelessness essentially made up of all the people who spent a decade not solving the homelessness crisis in Abbotsford.

He snubbed the only councillor with the brains, the understanding or the skill to actually make some headway in the crisi (Counc. Henry Braun) and made sure his mentor, John Smith, is in charge in order, presumably, to have John come up with the same solutions he did as the chair of the Abbotsford Social Development Advisory Committee (ASDAC) … nothing.

Most of those who have commented on the Task Force have seen it for what it is – a poorly orchestrated sham designed to allow Banman to get on with his re-election campaign and distance himeself from his legacy – the $15.3 he turned down for a low barrier homeless shelter after his senior staff orchestrated the Chicken Manure Incident.

(We’re still waiting to find out why the Abborsford News told the community who led them to believe the Chicken Manure Incident was the work of low level City workers)

Now comes news that, apparently some of the members of said task force had no idea that they were even chosen to be part of the group until the press release came out. From what I’ve been told, it appears they were waiting until the first meeting before making a decision as to whether they were going to stay or not.

Good job Bruce.

Anybody who still thinks you either know what you’re doing or have a clue what is happening in your community just gave up hope.

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AmbrÖse Bierce

AmbrÖse Bierce

AmbrÖse Bierce

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  • wintershades says:

    Ho! Hum! not surprised. Or are the said councilors too ashamed to admit they bungled the homeless housing situation and are denying association with the Task Force appointment. Just asking?

  • Observation says:

    I’m confused. Why on earth is peroxide Patricia Ross on the task force? She has been on council for seven years and did nothing about the issue. Neither did the others mind you.

    My thinking is that Bruce is fighting for his political life so he puts his political friends on the sham of a task force and leaves out Braun, who is his biggest competition. Plus, it is an election year so all the phoney baloney task force members will endeavor to look good in the media to get votes. And, nobody on that task force loves to preen more for the media than Peroxide Ross aka the butterfly lady as she is called in certain circles at city hall.

    Bruce you have royally screwed this up. What kind of communications folks do you have on your team? A task force to solve homelessness? First, there is no need for a task force made up of twits, who have served on council for too long! Second, you know when people are homeless you help build them shelter not tear down their plastic tents as this city of character did.

    I will not be voting for Bruce or anyone on that task force in the next election.

  • Bas Stevens says:

    I was discussing the homeless issues and the Task Force with a friend the other evening. My comment was along the lines that the homeless issues have been over studied, both here in Abbotsford and in other areas in the Lower Mainland.

    Most people with any common sense know what is needed and how to go about providing the solutions. A task force to further study the issues is not what is needed . ACTION is what will go a long way to resolving many of the issues that the city is currently facing in regards to the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless.

    Time is marching on! By the time fall rolls around and the task force has formulated a report, the weather will be changing. The political climate and makeup of the players in Abbotsford will be changing as well. Sooo, we will be back to wet and cold fall and winter weather and still awaiting a solution or, ACTION.

    Bruce Banman seems to think that he can pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens of Abbotsford by stalling ACTION.

    Bruce Banman, I implore you to immediately disband the task force on homelessness and start to take the ACTION required to resolve the problem. The use of a task force to stall a solution is plain,NOT ACCEPTABLE! There are many successful models; grab one and run with it!

  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    In fairness to Patricia Ross she voted in favor of ACS Low barrier Housing project and advocated for it to be heard again @ council.

    She, also, was not involved on ASDAC.

    I believe she was put on the task force due to her support of the project.

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