Overheard: ‘Maybe We Should Find These people Somewhere To Go’

By May 15, 2014Overheard

It must have been one of those moments where you could actually feel a brain cell grow. At a recent meeting at City Hall about the homeless camps along Gladys Avenue and just what to do about them, Deputy City Manager Jake Rudolph is said to have come up with the following gem:

‘Maybe we should find somewhere for them to go if we’re going to force them to leave.’

What a concept!
What an idea!
What a breakthrough!

Sometimes, just like toddler, government officials just have to be left alone to sit in the mess they’ve created for long enough that they decide they just don’t want to do it anymore.

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  • The Editor says:

    Gary Huntbatch Says: But I don’t think in the area of the recycling plant is a good place. It’s way too far from any support they might need and it is a flood plain……Of course there are some that would like put them there….out of sight out of mind.

    From Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Today-Media/447088788677534?ref=hl

    • Deceit in Drugs says:

      “out of sight,out of mind”

      The Valley Roadproposal was brought to the mayor before the ACS vote and he refused to discuss it……..why, because business
      investors along Gladys ie: Mill Tower, do NOT want the homeless
      wandering from a homeless camp on Valley Rd. past their investments
      down to the Sally Ann’s…you are right on the mark, when you say
      “out of sight, out of mind.”

      Thisproject has hope, however, since the Mayor will truly end up with egg on his face, if he turns down the latest proposal…and it is just
      before an election….funny how that all works.

  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    “find somewhere for these people to go”

    You think?

  • Observation says:

    Maybe the members of the homeless task force would like to open up their homes.

  • Bas Stevens says:

    Perception means an awful lot in today’s age.

    The city played a role in the cleanup of Gladys Avenue last week, however, where were the likes of George Murray and Jake Rudolph? There was not one individual on site to speak on behalf of the city – not even a member of Banman’s Task Force on the Homeless! This purposeful omission speaks volumes about where the City of Abbotsford would like the homeless to go – out of sight, out of mind; just like the lack of any presence from the city at last week’s cleanup bee.

    Once again Bruce Banman, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

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