Overheard: Two Brain Cells Looking For …

By February 14, 2013Overheard

We’ve been contemplating this section for ages and finally decided to go ahead with it. It isn’t a new idea. We stole it from the old North Shore Outlook which once ran something similar.

There is an awful lot that goes on around town that the old newspapers can’t or won’t report on because it doesn’t fit into any of the categories they can deal with.

We’re not gonna make things up here. These are just news items, rumours and scuttle butt from around town we will occasionally share with our visitors that will, hopefully, put a smile on your face.

Where: Mayor’s Task Force On The Economy Social Event
When: February 13, 2013
Details: Two veteran council watchers were standing off to the side when simultaneously they noticed councillors Dave Loewen and Simon Gibson come together at the centre of the room and begin, what seemed like an earnest and serious discussion.

Said one – ‘Now there’s two brain cells … ‘Looking for an idea’ – Said the other.

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