Abbotsford Mayor & Council Performance Review Results Released

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From Jan. 9 to Feb. 16, 2013, Abbotsford residents and taxpayers participated in a first-ever Performance Review for their Mayor and Council. The results are now in and the final report is being released.

Based on what is known at the time of this report, the 2012 Performance Review for Abbotsford’s Mayor and Council is the first of its kind in British Columbia, Canada, and perhaps in North America. In short, this research project is “breaking trail” that could lead to improved Council performance and better results for local residents and taxpayers. Ideally, this project will also motivate residents and taxpayers to become better informed about local government and how Council is performing on their behalf.

As one resident commented, “I am an Abbotsford resident, not very knowledgeable about politics, but interested in becoming better informed. I would be interested in following your evaluation, and providing my own input, for what it is worth.”

Based on recent findings, this comment seems to represent a growing trend among Abbotsford taxpayers—a new perspective.

Abbotsford’s first annual performance review for Mayor and Council revealed a number of critical areas in need of attention, resident and taxpayer concerns, and a few suggestions or ideas for improvement.

For the 2012 Performance Review, Abbotsford residents and taxpayers were asked to evaluate or rate Council’s performance in five distinct Key Results Areas using a 5-point rating scale. For more on Methodology, Participation and Challenges, please see the report.

Key Results Areas or KRAs are areas where Mayor and Council are expected, by taxpayers, to utilize their knowledge, skills and leadership role to achieve results. The KRAs for this evaluation included Financial Management, Problem Solving and Issues Management, Service Delivery to Taxpayers, Communication and Transparency, and finally Leadership and Initiative.

All data was provided by residents and taxpayers and was tabulated by independent researcher, Sherril Guthrie of The Guthrie Consultants Group Inc., who, with participation from over 20 community leaders, created the first-ever Candidate Evaluation Guide for Abbotsford Residents to use in the 2011 Municipal Election.

Final results and analysis of the Performance Review data include individual scores for Abbotsford’s Mayor Banman and each Councillor, as well as performance review scores for Council as a whole.

Although it can be difficult for any individual or group to be the focus of an independent review of their performance, this type of research offers many opportunities for personal growth and progressive change. More importantly, with two years remaining until the next municipal election, there is ample time for Abbotsford’s Mayor and Council to respond to the feedback provided by local taxpayers.

To read the report click here

For background and more on the issue please click here.

Snapshot of performance results of Abbotsford councillors and mayor.

Snapshot of performance results of Abbotsford councillors and mayor.

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