Perrin Formally Complains About Bradner Development Process

From Lynn Perrin. Upon asking why copies of the AAC minutes of March and April 2013 were not available to the public on the City’s AAC minutes web page I was advised they had not gone to Council for formal approval. Therefore, I was only provided with the April 2013 agenda as the minutes were draft only.

I was present at the Mar AAC meeting and witnessed a discussion between the developer and the AAC chair and one other member Immediately prior to the AAC meeting that dealt with the 22 properties. At the meeting the only appointee who voted to approve

The exclusion was the one who met with the developer. The Chair abstained which has the same effect as a yes vote. The Chair also refused to allow a motion that the AAC do not suppport this ALR exclusion.

I am making a formal complaint with regard to this report coming to Council when two AAC members met separately with the developer and this report coming before Council prior to the AAC minutes of March and April 2013 being reviewed and approved at a Regular Council meeting before they are considered to be official by Council as is past practice.

This report must be delayed until the AAC minutes have been formally adopted at a Regular Council meeting.

Lynn Perrin BGS MPP

The Report

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