Pets: Easy Outdoor Shelters To Make For Stray Cats

By November 5, 2013Life, Pets

By Cee Archer. As seen on my FB page , a great idea! It is from the North Toronto Cat Rescue and it is a simple outdoor shelter for cats.

These shelters are super easy to make and are perfect for strays, feral cats, or even outdoor cats who refuse to come in.

It is safest for cat lovers to keep their cats indoors only , with outdoor enclosure options for cats who insist on going out.However, I know that there are so many strays out there and they really suffer in the wintertime. Not only in cold climates but also in rainy ones such as ours.

These types of storage bins are frequently on sale, this is not an expensive option to make and outdoor cats will be so appreciative.

What you will need to make one shelter:
Two storage bins with lids, one slightly smaller than the other so it will fit in the bigger one.
A sheet of styrofoam insulation
A bit of straw or hay
A pair of gloves
See pictures 1 thru 6 for instructions

Please share this idea with friends and please remember that to stop the cycle of strays and feral cats, have your cat spayed or neutered.

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