Pilots Fighting For 2nd Place

By February 5, 2015Sports, Sports News

After two losses last weekend the Abbotsford Pilots are now in third place in the Hariold Brittain Conference of the Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL) with 42 points.

The Pilots are two points behind the Langley Knights and nine points behind the Aldergrove Kodiaks.

The Pilots have a Win/Lose ratio of20/19 and two overtime losses. The Knights, who also have played 41 games so far this season have a 21/18 W/L ratio with one tie and one overtime loss.

The Kodiaks, who have a huge point lead, have only managed 22 wins in their 41 games but they are benefitting from two ties and five overtime losses to fill in their 51 points.

The Mission City Outlaws are one point behind the Pilots and Ridge Meadows is at the bottom of the conference with only 30 points on a W/L/ ratio of 14/25.

The Pilots take on the Ridge Meadows Flames at MSA Arena Friday night at 7:30 at MSA Arena and then the Aldergrove Kodiaks at 6:45 at Aldergrove Community Centre on Saturday.

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