Pipeline Questions For Fraser Valley Candidates

PIPE UP draws up questions for candidates in the 2013 BC Provincial Election

The PIPE UP Network has formulated questions for candidates in Fraser Valley ridings. These questions were developed through discussion with members living in ridings from Langley to Hope and will be sent to the media and all candidates.

  1. Given that the Trans Mountain Pipeline passes within 200 metres of twenty-three schools in the Lower Mainland how can we keep our children and teachers safe?
  2. There have already been seventy-eight leaks and spills in the Trans Mountain pipeline since its inception, how will your party ensure that our rivers and drinking water will remain safe from the toxic chemicals contained in diluted bitumen currently being transported via that pipeline?
  3. Given the realities of global climate change, what is your party’s position on renewable energy and developing a long-term energy plan?
  4. What is your party’s position on transportation infrastructure?
  5. Is community-based consultation and decision-making part of your party’s program? Please explain.
  6. What is your party’s position on government subsidies to unsustainable resource extraction projects and companies?
  7. How would you create or protect good, green jobs in BC?
  8. What is your party’s position on the tar sands? Should we be developing it as fast as we currently are? Please explain your reasoning.
  9. What are your party’s plans for the carbon tax?

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