Platinum Jubilee For Clearbrook Waterworks District

By May 14, 2013Community News

Submitted. 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of Clearbrook Waterworks District (CWD), a local Rate- Payer-owned water system. The community of Clearbrook is delighted to be celebrating this milestone.

Upon an initiative of Mr. Jacob Janzen a meeting was held on August 20, 1953 at the fairgrounds in Clearbrook (presently the City Hall site), for the election of the first Board of Trustees. Mr. John J. Rempel was acting chairman, and the first elected trustees were Mr. Jacob Janzen, Mr. Wes Wolthers, Mr. Oliver Holmes, Mr. George Blair, and Mr. Dave Reddikopp. The first well, drilled and constructed at Janzen Street, provided water for 160 homes.

Since then, the water system has expanded considerably, presently serving a population of more than 14,500; a number that is expected to increase in the years to come. CWD’s water system supplies and distributes about 1 billion litres annually or 2.9 million litres on a daily basis.

The District maintains a proactive approach to ensure adequate, safe and reliable groundwater for drinking water demand and fire flow requirements throughout the year. Improvements and programs implemented over the last ten years have been integral to good water system management practices. These include having become a fully metered water system, an ongoing pipe replacement and leak detection program, a rigorous fire hydrant maintenance schedule, and expansion of the water sampling station network for water quality monitoring twice a week. Currently, the CWD is upgrading its booster pump station at the reservoir site. The District follows a comprehensive well monitoring, maintenance and rehabilitation schedule, and has a well replacement program in place. Water system management is supported by a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system allowing fully remote-controlled access to the water network, and automated recording of pertinent system operation data.

CWD purchased leak detection equipment in 2006. Leak detection has proven to be a critical component for the management of its water distribution system, with the goal being not only to keep the system in good condition, but also to conserve water, save energy, and save money.

By law, all public water systems must be overseen by a certified operator. All four operators of CWD are Level II certified and participate on a regular basis in workshops, seminars and conferences to maintain their licenses and further their professional development.

At CWD, we strive to be good stewards of our water. Water stewardship, a concept that includes water planning, management, conservation, and source protection, is driven by the vision that we are responsible for the long term protection and sustainability of our groundwater resource. Small actions taken to reduce our water consumption, to better manage the resource, and to prevent any degradation of water quality will in fact be part of the heritage we will leave to future generations.

Providing safe, reliable, and clean water to our residents is one of CWD’s key responsibilities. Beyond the work performed in the field there are numerous behind-the-scene activities to ensure that the system runs smoothly and efficiently. We take enormous pride in providing the highest quality drinking water at a reasonable cost, meeting water demands, complying with provincial regulations and working responsibly to protect the aquifer. The District’s Hydrogeologist Dr. Ineke Kalwij, P.Eng. of Kalwij Water Dynamics Inc. states, “CWD’s water system is a very well-managed system efficiently and effectively serving the District’s expanding population”.

Opus DaytonKnight Consultants the engineering firm for the District and Mr. Joel McAllister, P.Eng., Branch Manager of the Abbotsford office has had the opportunity to work closely with the CWD for the past three years and asserts, “The CWD recognizes the need for ongoing upgrades and maintenance in their system, and has taken a proactive approach to replacing infrastructure. The Board and staff are always open to new ideas and technologies, often researching and bringing forward new ideas on their own initiative. We thoroughly enjoy working with the CWD and look forward to working with them for years to come”.

CWD’s participation in the Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Contest has resulted in being a multi-time winner with one silver and two gold medals. This year we entered water from our 2011 replacement well and tied with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Los Angeles) for fourth place. We are very pleased that our water consistently ranks among the top five best waters in the world.

The Board and staff wish to extend their sincere appreciation to the District’s Rate Payers, the City of Abbotsford, and Fraser Health Authority for their collaboration and ongoing support.

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