Playing Russian Roulette With Dogs In Hot Cars

By May 27, 2014Letters

Dear Editor, Each year as the weather warms up I worry how many poor little Dogs or Cats may succumb to heat exhaustion or heatstroke. In less than 10 minutes the temperature in a vehicle, even in the shade or with windows partly open, can kill your Pet.

So, PLEASE if you truly love your Pet leave it home on any warm days. Think, no matter how much the pet likes to be with you or you with it, is it worth coming out to your vehicle to find a terribly sick or worse dead Animal and is that love?

Recently a horrific incident and total display of ignorance and negligence occurred that witnessed six loving family members left in the rear of a “dog walkers” truck only to all die. Then, rather than show compassion and sensitivity, the individual lied, claiming Dogs were stolen. Yet, to add insult to injury, she dumped the Dogs in to a water filled ditch. Can you imagine the sorrow of the Dogs Guardians losing their loved ones’

Can you imagine the sadness if it was your Dog and yet some still leave their Companion Animal dogs and cats in hot vehicles, utter stupidity and true uncaring.

The other incongruous behaviour of some Guardians when approached about their Animal being in a hot vehicle, is to personally attack the person questioning their irresponsible behaviour, from swearing to threats. A recent incident in the London Drugs parking lot Monday, witnessed a woman finally returning to her vehicle, a Black Honda SUV Licence No. 348-JDS with a frantic barking White Poodle, obviously in distress, inside.

Venturing in to London Drugs, the Clerk announced over the PA but no response. The Clerk was requested to call the RCMP but responded curtly “it is not our job to call the Police” not that a little compassion to make the call would quickly address the situation and possibly be saving a Dogs life. Waiting outside, the Owner finally arrived and rather than be gracious and caring or concerned that someone was trying to educate her and care about the distressed Dog, the Guardian angrily attacked saying, “you are off the wall and crazy”, but as the door was opened “a rush of hot air was felt”. The Dog was now safe, until next time this ignorant Guardian decides to play “Russian Roulette” with her little Dog, who sadly is dependent upon Guardians to be caring and protect them, not place shopping at the Drug store above the Dogs well-being.

Check our for additional Animal Cruelty & Welfare issues.

Yours truly,

George F. Evens

The Cat Father

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