By Greg Cross. I just spent two days in the Abbotsford hospital.  I was left to sleep in a “room” with four chairs.To make a long story short, what is being done to build long term care facilities to make room in hospitals?  There was even an article saying the paediatric area of the hospital was being closed down to make room for elderly patients.  

We spend 10 million dollars a year on your hockey team and very little on new senior’s homes.  The hockey players get to stay in nice hotel rooms, but sick Abbotsford residents (some who may have voted for you) get a chair in a tiny room.

Years ago we allowed business people to open their own old age homes for small groups of people.  There was no capital outlay on the government’s part and then the government topped up what the patients could afford.  I realize that there were many problems with this system, but it has got be be better than the current hospital problem.

The Reach could easily be converted to an old age home.

You can buy hotels and convert them into old age homes.  In the long term the Real Estate might go up in value and you will end up with a profit.

Ledgeview could be sold and the money could be used to expand the tiny hospital.

The old hospital land could be an old age home.

P3 with high end and low in care in the same building.  I would think that this would be very lucrative.  You could change some rules back to the way they used to be on Limited Partnerships to build and run old age homes.  The Brokerage industry would love you for that one.  For example change the CCA to 10 years (I realize that is a federal issue).  The government would get their money back on the recapture on the sale of the shares.   Get info on MURBsYou worry about your contract with the Heat, but little is being done with your contract with children and old people.

PS I know what percentage of the budget goes to healthcare, but it is not enough.

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