Prohibit Pay Parking At Mission Hospital

By December 11, 2014Letters

Dear Editor. Further to my recent recommendation to amend the current MOA which was entered into March 15, 2012 and would expire on or about March 15, 2017, I am enclosing a copy of an earlier Fraser Health Authority announcement, that pre-dated the MOA apparently. I do not know all circumstances, but it seems an understanding of some type existed and was possibly renewed March 15, 2012?

Regardless, the point of my providing material for your consideration is to request that you follow the leadership of Mayor Lois Jackson and Delta Council who passed a bylaw making parking at Delta Hospital free. Thus, if this council can demonstrate such compassion and wisdom, we expect District of Mission Council would wish to match such a fine deed for citizens of Mission.

Indeed, we would hope the new mayor and council of Abbotsford may similarly wish to join in providing this leadership. It is interesting to note, as well, Marketplace did an excellent show on pay parking and included Abbotsford in that documentary. It was interesting to note, as well, a fine $48.00 was issued for late parking and if not paid by a certain date it increased to $ 80.00, clearly Impark Parking has no empathy and has made every effort taking over parking lots, to increase parking lot revenue s and not a cent of fines goes to the Hospital.

I hope all hospitals will eventually follow suit and stop charging patients and visitors to hospitals pay parking, as good business acumen will surely dictate other revenue streams to replace the small percentage of revenue but massive anxiety and costs to people suffering illness.

Yours truly,

George F. Evens
Seniors’ Advocate/Facilitator

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