Province Hires Editor From Beverly Hillbillies

It’s bin a dang long time since furever an a day when one o’ yer city noospipers has hayerd a editor what can speak like normal folk speak. I’m talk ’bout writing the way folk tok.

Ya know like when Uncle Jed and Jethro used to talk on the Beverly Hillbillies program on the TeeVee?

No I knows that it ain’t fur everbuddy this reedin and writin but I enjoy me a good headline er two on the occasional basis and I been right proud to say this is the firs’ time in ages I readed a headline what spoke to me where I lives.

I most speciously liked their headline on the dirigible edition: ‘I’ve seen them walk up to kids wangin’ their dangs.’

Thank you Province Noospiper for comin on down to my level.

Yee Haw and ain’t that a fact.

PS Oh … By the way. I din’t want to offend but ya made a small typomological error. Bin is spelled ‘bin.’ Not ‘been.’

Editor’s note: Thankfully we never make any mistakes at Today Media (Or at least I’ve never noticed any)

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