Province To Review Metro’s Solid Waste Management Plan

Release. The Province will review Metro Vancouver’s solid waste management plan to determine the most-effective way to achieve waste diversion in the region.

Marvin Hunt, MLA for Surrey-Panorama, will conduct a three-month
review focusing on the multi-family and industrial-commercial-
institutional (ICI) waste streams and will report back with findings
and provide advice to Environment Minister Mary Polak.

Hunt has extensive experience in waste management as the former chair
of Metro Vancouver’s Waste Committee and former deputy chair of Metro
Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee, in addition to having been a Surrey
councillor for 23 years.

This review is in response to Metro Vancouver’s proposed Bylaw 280 on
waste flow control and will take into account the role local
government and the private sector play in maximizing diversion from

Polak, as the statutory decision-maker, has decided not to approve
Bylaw 280. In her decision letter to the Metro Vancouver Board, Polak
cites a number of significant public-interest concerns that factored
into the decision.

“I commend Metro Vancouver for their continued efforts toward
protecting the environment and achieving the waste-diversion goals
set out in their solid waste management plan. This review will help
focus on the most-effective ways to achieve waste diversion going
forward.” – Mary Polak, Minister of Environment

These concerns include:

* the potential for Bylaw 280 to create a monopoly on waste
* the potential for increased illegal dumping;
* the possible negative effects on the new packaging and printed
paper recycling program; and
* the destabilizing effect it may have on private-sector collection
and hauling.

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