Provincial Exams June 2014

For students in grades 10 to 12, Provincial exams are underway through June 24, at the school where students attended. Check the exam schedule below, and with the school, for exact exam times.

The following Provincial Exams will be sat on these dates at the school where the student attended. Posted times (*) are approximate; please check with your school for EXACT START TIMES for your exams. Many schools start exams at 8:30 am or Noon.

Wednesday, June 18 9-11am Apprenticeship and Workplace
Math 10
9-11am Foundations of Math and
Pre-Calculus 10
Thursday, June 19 9-11am BC First Nations Studies 12
Friday, June 20 9-11am English 12
1-3pm Communications 12
Monday, June 23 9-11am Francais Langue Seconde-
Immersion 12 (WJ Mouat only)
1-3pm Science 10
Tuesday, June 24 9-11am English 10
1-3pm Social Studies 11
1-3pm Science Humaines 11
(WJ Mouat only)

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