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By February 1, 2013Municipal Politics

By Ken Herar. Abbotsford City Councillor Moe Gill announced his intentions last Sunday before a crowd of hundred or so that he will be running as an independent candidate in Abbotsford West this May.

“Being an independent is a good fit because he can speak his mind without having to toe any party line. It feels good.”

After years of supporting Abbotsford West MLA
Mike de Jong , Gill parted with his good friend
after being overlooked as a candidate by BC Liberal brass in the
neighboring riding of Abbotsford South.

Gill, had been planning his move to provincial
politics for sometime and it become well-known, he
was seeking this particular riding for the past few years.

Unfortunately, things turned sour when a nomination wasn’t held recently and
University of the Fraser Valley criminologist Darryl Plecas was given
the green light to run as a candidate for the Liberals. Gill is
angry at the B.C. Liberal Party in general, and de Jong in particular.

“I was willing to do anything for him.” “There’s no reason for
revenge. I and Mike are parted from each other. He’s working on his
campaign his way with his party. I am working on my campaign. I don’t
think we have to take any revenge on each other. Campaign honestly and
let the people decide.”

Councillor Moe Gill

Councillor Moe Gill

Independent candidates have sipped the taste of victory before and in 2009
Vicki Huntington made it a historical reality by becoming the first
independent MLA elected in over 60 years in this province. With two
high profile independent candidates (MLA John van Dongen in Abbotsford
South and Coun Moe Gill in Abbotsford West) on the ballot, and with
tons of energy, attention and emotion to some of the underlying issues,
some of the key ingredients to victory for independent candidates are present.

I had the opportunity to do a Q & A with Stephen Evans, Moe Gill’s
Campaign Adviser, and get more insight into this campaign.

Ken Herar: Why is Moe Gill running?

Stephen Evans: Moe is running to win the opportunity to represent our community
in Victoria. Moe has been working towards this goal since he was
first introduced to politics. Moe has been a loyal servant of the
community and wishes to represent them in Victoria.

KH: What affect does this campaign have on our community?

SE: Political decision makers and those who choose to give the Green
Light to potential candidates have to conduct themselves with a great
deal of integrity. In this case, Christy Clark and Rich Coleman
choose not to respect the democratic process. The community has
decided to support Moe Gill.

KH: What are the benefits?

SE: There are a number of independents running within the Province.
Two credible independent candidates now present themselves as viable
options within Abbotsford. The benefits of having this option in both
Abbotsford West and Abbotsford South means the community now has a
choice. And now, can an independent MLA, with 20 years of political
service, best represent your interests.

KH: Is this a racial issue?

SE: This is an integrity issue. Why would Christy Clark turn her
back on Moe, such a long serving member of the Party. Why would
Christy Clark not support the South Asian and Chinese communities when
they helped bring her to power. Why would Christy Clark allow the
Chair of the Green Light Committee to lie about their support for Moe
as the candidate for Abbotsford South.

Ken HerarKen Herar is a columnist and community activist in the cause of cultural diversity.

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