Random Acts Of Romance

By Daisy Kirby. Well, here we are. February, bringing along with it the hope of spring, and… Valentines day. At Passion Parties, they say “everyday is valentines day”, and I, for one, couldn’t agree more.

I love random acts of romance. I try to attack my husband with them every once in awhile. It’s a 2 way street these days, you know. The act of injecting a little romance into a relationship isn’t just the man’s responsibility. In these days of equality for all, we must all pull our romantic weight.

So, getting back to February’s notorious day, someone asked me what kind of ideas I might have for out-of-the-ordinary chocolates and flowers. Hmmm…

Well, I’ll start off by letting you know this article isn’t so much an article as it is a short list of some slightly different V-day ideas.

Image Credit: Aleta Rafton

The first idea is the simplest. Ladies, get your man a nice, romantic tub ready. Instead of Zen/Spa music, put on- softly- his favourite band. Have his favourite alcoholic drink ready next to the tub, be it wine or beer. Also have his fave reading material handy. My husband always has a Clive Cussler on the go, but your man may prefer the paper, a magazine, or one of those “Bathroom Reader” books. Now don’t let him sit n there by himself too long, though. Give him maybe 15 minutes, +/-, then bring him his all time favourite bathtub accessory- you!

Next is an idea that the men may not immediately understand or love, but trust me, it’s worth a shot. Here it is: have an “undies stay ON” evening. This idea encourages a focus on the broader scale of canvas known as the body, as well as more intimacy. It almost forces creativity, which is so underrated in todays bedroom relationships. If you like, go ahead & set the mood with the traditional candles and rose petals, but whatever you do, make sure you lock the door, and unplug the phone & the tv, if there is one in the room. Don’t discard this idea too soon. Think about it. See where it takes you.

Ok, back to more conventional ideas. These ideas are here merely as a guideline for you to create a unique to your partner day or afternoon. These are geared for women doing the planning, but guys, you’re more than welcome to stick around. These ideas might stimulate your creative juices as well.

What’s your partner into? Fishing, mayhap? Get his gear packed in the car without him knowing (or at least all together & by the front door if you are a 1 car household), plus a picnic & his fave alcoholic drink (since you’ll be driving home after, this means only he may indulge- no drinkie-pooh for you), & a blanket. Then when he’s done work if he works on Valentines, let him know you’d love to go spend time fishing with him…and maybe more…After all, you did pack that blanket.

Does he like dirt biking or quading? If you own these toys, load ’em up while he’s away- invest in some help from strong friends if you need to (ask them in advance), pack the helmets (of course) and a blanket, & put on your sexiest riding outfit. He’ll love this valentines!

Get creative. Think about something he really loves to do that you may not always do together, or maybe together but always with others around. And if the weather isn’t outdoor blanket condusive, then get your adolescent horn-dog on & explore the seats of your vehicle! Just please, make sure you are in a very secluded area. What you 2 do is for your eyes only- no one else needs to stumble on that!

Are those ideas way too much for this year? Here are some simpler ones, something the 2 of you can do for each other any time, any day. Referring back to the “random acts of romance”, here is something simple a friend told me she does: if you pack your partners lunch, draw some sketches, just simple, about something they would recognize, like a caricature of yourself or them, or a stick-man & woman fishing (see above), or even some jokes that are soo you, or like my friend, plaster the bag, and sometimes its contents, with stickers of something that would remind him of you, or about something that both of you like.
For example, my friend and her husband like cats & get a kick out of pictures of cute or funny cats, so she’ll put some cat stickers on the lunch bag, and the banana inside, just so he’ll think of her when he sees his lunch, and of the things that makes their relationship special. I was blown away by this simple, yet unbelievably ingenious idea when she told me about it! For his part, he leaves her cute little notes or doodles & sketches of his own that he knows will make her smile or even laugh, all around the house. Thanks for the great idea, Julie. We appreciate it.
One last wee little tidbit for this valentines from me. I say, why let the card companies dictate when we should really show our love & appreciation for our significant other? Throw them and your special someone for a loop and make whatever day you want valentines. Go all out and get that tub, that fishing gear, or even that cliché but still a very nice gesture candlelight dinner a few days before or after valentines.
You can’t go wrong with days before, because then they know it wasn’t because you forgot, but I know this article came pretty close to the big day, and even if this article didn’t help you at all, sometimes planning just the right thing to do takes a little longer, so days after is good, too. Just tell them, when you do do that special something:” I didn’t want you to think that we have to do something on the day the card companies tell us, but I do want you to know that you are worthy of random attacks of love”…Or something equally cheesy.

Alright, take care, and have fun ambushing your special someone.

Daisy Kirby

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