Raymond Kobes Running For City Council

By September 30, 20142014 Municipal Election

Raymond Kobes threw his hat in the ring in the race for a seat on city council in November’s municipal election last month.

We visited his website to find out what he’s all about.

He’s 19 and seeking a business degree at University of the Fraser Valley Here’s his platform:

Abbotsford is a city full of youth and young adults. This demographic is not being represented to its true capacity at city hall. Kobes has direct connections with the youth as a student of the University of the Fraser Valley and as an active volunteer with events such as Jam in Jubilee, Friday Nite Basketball, and others. Voters are looking for the next generation of leaders in Abbotsford, and here he is.

Abbotsford has been overspending for far too long. We need our books in the black and to create path toward reducing our debt. This means carefully inspecting all areas of municipal spending to find areas where we can reallocate resources to more deserving recipients. A common sense approach toward financials is key to success for the city of Abbotsford and he plans to bring that to the table.

There must be accountability and transparency in city council in order that the citizens are properly represented. Kobes will be open in discussions regarding the happenings of city council and will keep the people of Abbotsford updated via his website and newsletter.

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Fraser Valley. We must be prepared to ensure this natural beauty for generations to come. Clean air, fresh water, and the AR are all important issues in Abbotsford. At the council table Kobes is prepared to take a stand for keeping Abbotsford both environmentally friendly while keeping it an economically inviting city.
Abbotsford is a city built on small and large businesses with more focus being put on the latter. Small entrepreneurs and business owners must be free and able to work here in Abbotsford, growing and promoting their businesses. The Abbotsford Airport (YXX) is a central hub of business and must be able to grow and adapt to consumer needs in order to further benefit Abbotsford.

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