Record Warm Weather Inspires Some Experimenting In The Kitchen!

By July 31, 2013Foodies Corner

By Angie Quaale. Is the summer heat getting you down? No? Me either. I have been using my down time in this record string of summer and brushing up on my adult popsicle making skills. Nothing will have you cooling off faster than a boozy popsicle or three. Yes, you heard me, I said boozy popsicles. Here…I will move over, you need on this bandwagon and there happens to be one seat left, right here beside me. Welcome.

And you thought popsicles were just for kids, perhaps an old fashioned tasty way to cool off after a few laps through the sprinkler. Well, think again, popsicle molds are one of the hottest selling gadgets in specialty shops & gourmet stores this season and it isn’t just the wee ones getting in on the tasty action.

These easy to make very adult treats only have 4 basic ingredients; sugar, water, peak of the season fruit & booze.
You will need to start by making a simple syrup – equal parts sugar & water boiled until the sugar has completely dissolved. Chill it and set it aside but make extra, you’re going to want to experiment. Puree your fresh fruit in a food processor or blender – as an example; to 1.5 lbs of watermelon you will add ¼ cup of simple syrup and ¼ cup of tequila. Squeeze in the juice of a whole lime and add some finely chopped fresh mint from your garden, give it a stir and pour that mixture into the popsicle molds and freeze until they are solid. Maybe you’re not a watermelon fan? That’s okay, you might enjoy a sweet Bellini-pop made with fresh ripe pureed BC peaches, white rum and orange zest or a perhaps you are more in the mood for a thirst quenching Honeydew & Cucumber Margarita-pop made with fresh melon, seedless cucumbers, triple sec, tequila and lime juice. Or just maybe because you’re on vacation you should create boozy breakfast-pop’s made with cold espresso, coffee liqueur and a splash of cream. Because really, nothing says “I’m on vacation” like a super spiked popsicle at breakfast! Try creating your own combinations but you need to be open minded & willing to experiment, keeping in mind if you add too much alcohol they won’t freeze properly and you will just need to bust out the straws!

These frozen treats are guaranteed to take your mind off this heat wave in a big hurry but be sure to keep an eye on who’s reaching for these summer soothers, keep them well hidden in the back of the freezer as these really are just for the grownups.

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