Rediscover Canadian Wild Foods

By April 11, 2014Food & Wine, Life
Submitted. For a long time Canadians relied on wild berries, fruits, mushrooms and edible plants as an important component of their staple diet. This component of non-cultivated products has gradually diminished with the development of mechanized agriculture and urbanization. Many people today are simply unaware of the benefits and the flavours of some of these foods.

Rediscover these wild food products from these artisans!

Gourmet Sauvage : Inspired by Canada’s rich Amerindian traditions, Gourmet Sauvage presents its unique line of gourmet specialties featuring the very best of Canada’s wild vegetables and fruits (more than 35 products offered by Ogourmet).

Wild Gaspé : Wild Gaspé offers wild mushrooms picked by hand, true forest delicacies that are indeed foods from the wild. (more than 15 products offered by Ogourmet).

The Dark Tickle : A ‘tickle’ is the name given to a narrow channel in Newfoundland. But for The Dark Tickle this is the open channel to the rediscovery of jams, sauces, vinegars, drinks and chocolates made from local wild berries (more than 12 products offered by Ogourmet).

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Amedei Chocolates are Back!

After a short period of difficulty obtaining supplies of these exceptional chocolates, Amedei chocolates are now back in force and attractively priced.

Chocolates from this Italian producer have received several prestigious international awards, acclaimed by experts for their exceptional quality.

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